paper trees

maybe it's something about the two feet of snow we've received in the last three weeks, or that the cold weather forces everything indoors, but i've been really drawn to incorporating life into my crafty projects. while a fresh coat of white snow makes everything look clean and pretty, i'm eagerly awaiting the return of green grass, leaves on trees, the sun and that newly spring smell in the air. for now, i'm getting by through letting the outside in:

1. i'm currently keeping six houseplants alive. a new record.

2. i found some ways to keep working natural materials into our home decor...i'm a big fan of grasses, twigs and sticks. this past weekend, my project was to overhaul our home office in an attempt to make the room feel a little warmer and less like the room where everything is dumped. i had a couple of simple, white oblong vases that needed something. twigs were it.

the office

3. finally, in my attempt to add little things here and there around the house, i had another project: the powder room. i picked up a small ledge at Target and needed a small accent. a candle was one, the second was handmade paper art.

a little how to...

the paper tree art started with a simple, 4" x 6" white frame, along with plain white and yellow scrapbook paper.

i pulled out my cricut expression (a really fun tool for papercrafting) and found a simple tree on the cindy loo cartridge.

the cricut

once the tree was cut, i trimmed down the yellow stock to frame size, and centered the delicate tree on the yellow background. a helpful glue pen allows for thin placements of adhesive with small cuts of paper.

tree cutout on cricut cutting mat

trimming down the yellow scrapbook paper to size

trimmed out tree

once the glue was dry, the new paper art was ready for its frame...an easy, unique piece with a personalized touch to give a little life and sunshine to our powder room.
paper tree art
here's to hanging on until springtime arrives, and to finding ways to be a little creative everyday.



welcome to a little creative everyday

welcome! if you have made your way here via my shameless self-promotion of this new venue, thank you. and, if i was brave enough to let you know about this blog, that means you are someone in my life who has a true understanding how important creativity is in my life. it's not only ingrained in what i do professionally, but in many ways, creativity has had a huge impact in my life since i was a little girl.

i've been contemplating starting a blog for a while now, all based on the topic of creativity. i've been sharing some of the creative projects i've done through my facebook page and have received some good comments. but the more i thought about it, creativity to me is more than just showing some pictures of crafts i've done. it's a passion. to me, having the chance to be creative feeds me.

reflecting back, i've been told by my mother since i was small that i "have my grandmother's sense of creativity." (which is one of the greatest compliments i could be given) i didn't think about it much then, but as a little girl, i started cross-stitching at around age 8. i did the little craft kits that you could buy at target. if i wasn't riding my bike, i was making more friendship bracelets than could be counted. and yes, i puffy painted anything i could get my hands on. these crafty projects evolved into a love of dance, another form of creative expression. dance evolved into art and cheerleading. and when it came time to try and choose a career path, it was marketing and advertising that appealed to me. granted, i am on the client services side of things, but i still get to be a little more creative on a day-to-day basis than your average person in their job. and through my professional career, i've been fortunate enough to be able to be surrounded by some incredibly talented and creative individuals who only fueled my passion for creativity. and now i have found so many new ways to display creativity - paper crafting, knitting, painting, home decorating, sewing, baking....even finding new and creative ways to sneak veggies into my almost two-year old son's diet. and there are my friends and family. wow. talented. creative. mind-boggling. so, the more i thought about it, i'm surrounded by creativity. there's a reason why i'm so drawn to it. it all made sense.

so, this blog is to share creativity. to share ideas. to share projects. and even to share some unconventional ways to be a little creative everyday.

i hope you enjoy and here's to finding your creative everyday.


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