wintertime whoo! whoo!

unfortunately, it's almost that time of the year. snow time. which means i've been on the hunt for an adorable winter hat for my little guy. and i found the most adorable knitted owl hat on pinterest...and i was able to track down the pattern to diy-it.

i've been knitting for years now...it all started with a single six week class at jo-anns that i took where we made a knitted purse. and i was hooked. i've made scarves, ipod cases, ponchos and even a sweater that is currently in pieces and parts. so i logged on, paid by $1.99 and got my owl hat pattern.

this was going to require me to tackle some new types of stitches...knitting in the round, using double-pointed needles...i will say that the outcome turned out a little bigger than i anticipated (as in, it doesn't cover noah's eyes, but it's kinda too wide).

all i can share is the final piece...unfortunately, i can't share the pattern here since i had to buy it (but i can give you the link...here). and i can share progress photos of the hat....

the knitted hat. and using my cricut to cut a scalloped pattern for the eyes.

materials: white, orange and blue felt. the scalloped eye pattern cut out of paper.

the all important orange beak.

layered eyes with blue and white felt.

the final owl hat. a little big. but cute.


twirly skirt part ii

after i posted part i of "twirly skirt" i don't think i realized that i would have a part ii. but there's a part ii. and it's all about making and adding some super adorable and super easy fabric flowers to the skirts.

without sounding like a broken record, i found a great tutorial on making fabric flowers/rosettes through pinterest. this led me to a great blog - cherry street cottage - and her rosette tutorial, found here. such a great video tutorial to get me started on the finishing touch for my twirly skirts!

to start, i needed some of the leftover fabric strips from the twirly skirt and a hot glue gun (one of the best crafty tools ever). each strip was about 2" in width, about 22" long, and i needed two of them for a single flower.

the fabric strips

i started by folding the fabric in half (lengthwise), then folding it in half again. starting at one end, i started rolling the fabric tightly, rolling it up about 6-7 times before putting a drop of hot glue on the rosette to attach the fabric to. after the first drop of hot glue, i took the fabric and twisted it then continued to roll it around to make the rosette....typically, i was twisting the fabric twice each time around the flower. when i got to the end of the first strip of fabric, i simply glued the end to the flower, then glued the end of the second strip of fabric on top. to finish it off, i just kept twisting and wrapping the fabric (tightly), using a drop of hot glue every inch or so. at the end, simply hot glue the end down.

hot glue. best crafting tool ever.

to finish it off (safely for little hands), i glued an alligator clip to the back...which fit nicely on the elastic band of the skirt.

pretty little rosette. big thanks to cherry street cottage for the amazing tutorial!

i cannot wait to give these adorable skirts to our little girly girl friends. and, i have a feeling i'm going to make a lot more rosettes...they are just way too much fun!

the finished twirly skirts!


twirly skirt

i've been bitten by the bug...again. the pinterest bug. i know, i talk about it all the time, but i swear, i love it. there are just some amazing ideas for home, kiddos, wardrobe, crafts...you name it, there are ideas to be found. and i have been a-findin' the ideas.

my kiddos board on pinterest collects ideas for little guys and little gals because, well, i love girly stuff and if i can make something for a little girly girl, i am happy to get to do it. and october just happens to bring the birthdays of two little girls that we love...and i happened to have just the perfect gift idea in my pinterest pile.

so saturday it was me + trips to hobby lobby + jo-anns. all to gather supplies for the cutest little twirly skirt that will allow two special little girls to play dress up and imagine.

i found this adorable twirly skirt idea here on pinterest. looking at it, i knew it had to be super easy. a little elastic, some strips of brightly colored fabric, a little velcro and some ribbon, and you have a super adorable, girly-girl twirly skirt (which would look adorable over a pair of leggings). (note: i'm still going to add a little flower something as an extra added touch too!)

i started with two yards of 3/4" wide white elastic...something that would be thick enough to hold wide fabric and ribbon strips. (note: if you are going to try and make this, ask what size the little one is wearing. you can google waist sizes for any size of clothing, which is exactly what i did. the little one this is for is a 4t-5t...meaning the elastic needed to be about 22" long.) to finish off the elastic, i decided to sew on a 1" piece of velcro on the ends...to allow for easy on-off during play time and to allow for a little bit of flexibilty in size. (another helpful note: i always tend toward velcro for kiddos stuff...rather than snaps or hook-and-eyes. just adds a little extra safety.)

for the fabric, i picked out four different patterned fabrics, all with complementary colors, and about a 1/2 yard of each. i went for the bright colors....magentas, purples, lime greens...in all different patterns...gingham, floral, polka dots. i just absolutely loved the brightness and fun in the combo of the patterns. and i paired this with two different grosgrain ribbons - a floral and a bright yellow to add some texture and color.

next step: i decided to cut the fabric into 2" strips, using pinking shears (to keep the edges from fraying). with the 44" bolt length of the fabric, i was able to get 18 strips from each piece of fabric, cutting each one 22" long.

final step (get ready for the super simple part): tying one strip at a time onto the elastic (knotting to make sure the fabric/ribbons don't come undone).

and the finished product....a super cute, super fun twirly skirt that's fun for dress up for any little girl!

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