wintertime whoo! whoo!

unfortunately, it's almost that time of the year. snow time. which means i've been on the hunt for an adorable winter hat for my little guy. and i found the most adorable knitted owl hat on pinterest...and i was able to track down the pattern to diy-it.

i've been knitting for years now...it all started with a single six week class at jo-anns that i took where we made a knitted purse. and i was hooked. i've made scarves, ipod cases, ponchos and even a sweater that is currently in pieces and parts. so i logged on, paid by $1.99 and got my owl hat pattern.

this was going to require me to tackle some new types of stitches...knitting in the round, using double-pointed needles...i will say that the outcome turned out a little bigger than i anticipated (as in, it doesn't cover noah's eyes, but it's kinda too wide).

all i can share is the final piece...unfortunately, i can't share the pattern here since i had to buy it (but i can give you the link...here). and i can share progress photos of the hat....

the knitted hat. and using my cricut to cut a scalloped pattern for the eyes.

materials: white, orange and blue felt. the scalloped eye pattern cut out of paper.

the all important orange beak.

layered eyes with blue and white felt.

the final owl hat. a little big. but cute.

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