two old, sad wreaths...

so, what do you do when you are going through your christmas decorations, and find out that you have the two saddest looking artificial wreaths you have ever seen? me - i went to hobby lobby, bought up some fun stuff and figured i'd try giving these pathetic looking wreaths a shot. (note: a little background....when we first moved into our house four years ago, i was so excited to decorate the outside of our house. i bought up a bunch of the artifical wreaths from hobby lobby, along with some bright red bows, and had big plans to hang them outside around our outside lights. we soon figured out that wreaths + big red bows + 40 mph winds on a regular basis don't really work. hence, the wreaths that looked pathetic.)

when it comes to decking the halls at our house, we have a landing/bannister on the second floor that looks down to the foyer. it's a great place to hang wreaths from (and they add some great addition to noah's tree on the upstairs landing).

i started with the sad wreaths. first thing, they needed shaped.

the two incredibly sad wreaths


next, i got out some of the fun stuff i got at hobby lobby. red, green and white glass ball ornaments. some green glittery picks. and two red shiny and glittery ornaments. (all 50% off with their ongoing christmas holiday sale.) i also grabbed a couple of picks from previous wreaths that had red berries on them. oh, and i can't forget to mention my hot glue gun.

the fun stuff from hobby lobby

working through the first wreath

the finishing touch was to take some of the 2-1/4" wide red velvet ribbon from hobby lobby and make some loops to use for hanging these on the railing.

no more sad wreaths (yay!) and these give a little bit of a new look to our holiday decor this year. enjoy!

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