catalog collector...yep, that's me

photo from pottery barn kids
am i the only person left on earth who actually gets catalogs, and reads them? (wait, let me take that back....my mom wins this. hands-down, she is the catalog-recipient-of-the-year. the woman gets at least six a day...and i'm pretty sure she reads most of them.) am i the only gen-x/gen-y-er that still gets catalogs?

i mostly get catalogs centered around home design (makes perfect sense, right?) and i have to say, i do take ten minutes and go through them. (note: many times this happens two weeks after they have arrived in the mail...i'm infamous for putting them in my everyday mom/work/everything bag and catching up with them when i have some precious open minutes during lunch/waiting at an appointment/during swim lessons/need a two minute mental break during work.) i love to look to catalogs for inspiration...for color, for pattern blends, and let's be honest, for finding things for the house that i feel i must have. (i very rarely act on the impulse to buy, but a girl can dream, right?)

this week's catalog i'm obsessing over is the new pottery barn kids fall 2012 edition. i will totally admit...i have typically given this catalog a brief glance when it comes out. i've been super happy with the bedding we have for my little guy (and partially didn't want to be tempted by something else), and i really wasn't looking for any other little one's home decor and furnishings. maybe it was the whole back-to-school theme that got me on the cover (even now, ten + years out of any type of schooling, i am a total sucker for this time of year...something about renewal.) so i dove in. and, o.m.g.

it was like they read my mind. the toddler boys's stuff was cool, and kinda what you'd expect for a boy's room. they still have my favorite madras print and there's a lot of "star wars" stuff. and based on the time of year, they also have some styles for toddler + boys that are collegiate-y looking (another look i love...very ralph lauren/americana looking). there's even an adorable new "where the wild things are" line that's cute. classic looks which i tend towards for the little guy's room.

but it was the nursery bedding that i melted at. (note: there is zero reason for me to be looking at nursery bedding, other than keeping track of trends for the sake of re-nest studio. just clearing that up now before i get a deluge of e-mails from friends wondering why i need to be looking at the pottery barn kids nursery bedding.)  i will say, pbk has been showing a trend towards the simplistic with nursery bedding. it's mostly trended towards whites and khakis, which for anyone that has experienced life with a baby/toddler knows that white can be kinda hard to keep looking fresh and new. but this new catalog has simple, mix-and-match designs, in varying colors with simple patterns. including my fave of all patterns...the chevron. in grey and white. l-o-v-e. the combos of crib sheets, crib skirts, bumpers (which yes, i know we aren't supposed to use, but they are cute), pillows (for older kiddos) are just fantastic. and i have to say, they have a bit of a modern feel to them too.

check it out. but a warning: if you're anything like me, you might just get bitten by the "it's-back-to-school-time-which-means-i-need-to-refresh-some-stuff" bug.



a special delivery of sunshine

one of the biggest and most exciting moments of the summer: my first etsy sale. a very special mama came across the "you are my sunshine" wall art on the re-nest studio etsy store, sent me her nursery bedding, i made a sketch and the rest was history. (oh, and i should mention that this order meant so much. opening a little store like this felt kinda like standing naked in the middle of times square. finding a fan was the best feeling.)

this very special baby was going to have an adorable light turquoise and orange bedroom....a color combo i happen to l-o-v-e. because i was working on this long distance, i did a simple sketch of the piece, so my client could see how the colors would look together. i also pulled some patterned papers as options and we settled on a turquoise and vanilla stripe as the background for the word "you." once we had the plan, i got to work.

i have to say that i loved how these colors blended together, and how the orange let the turquoise pop. 

i so, so enjoyed getting to put together this piece for a very special baby and family. what an honor to be invited into someone's special space and become a part of a new baby's room. 

here's to being a little creative everyday,


a weekend of cards and wall art...oh, my!

wow. it's sunday night and i seriously need to get my wits about me around all of the stuff i did this weekend. cards for my oldest friend who got engaged last weekend and her mom who is on the mend from a broken leg, a new piece of kiddos wall art (inspired by one of my all-time favorite rugs from land of nod, and finally and most importantly, my very first etsy order. i can't even begin to go into this right now...it's a must to start at the beginning.

cards. i love making cards. and one of my oldest friends got engaged last weekend, which meant it was a perfect occasion for dragging out my paper, punches, stamps and sparkly brads to make a cute engagement card. 

new kiddos wall art. so, a while back, i came across this amazing rug from land of nod that i have been drooling over ever since. it's their dot matrix rug and i. love. it. love it. seeing this amazingly wonderful piece of kiddos' home decor inspired me. so, i created a little dot matrix inspired wall art for a kiddos room, playroom, bathroom, or wherever. the latest and greatest is now posted on the etsy store for re-nest studio. be sure to check it out....very bright, fun and cute!

finally, and what is the biggest moment of the weekend (well, except for when my little guy told me "mommy, i'm having so much fun" at the pool today)....my first etsy sale. i am so, so honored to have been able to create a completely customized "you are my sunshine" piece this weekend to be included in a little one's nursery. i can't even explain it. to be able to have a piece that is part of such a special room, is such a wonderful feeling. pics will come this week on the facebook page (only after i know the piece has arrived to its owner...not quite fair to share it with everyone else before the mama sees it!)

it's been such a creative and crafty weekend....i loved it so much and feel so completely rejuvenated. just hoping to keep this up all week!

here's to your a little creative everyday,


this procrastinator's sewing project

i will be the first to admit that i procrastinate. i think it happens to everyone. i procrastinate even with crafty projects that i insist i have to do. projects i get so excited about that i run out, buy everything i need, start it and then, let it all sit in a pile while i walk by it weekend after weekend. until this weekend. i crossed off one of those procrastinated projects. (yay for me!)

when our little man was ready to switch to a big boy bed, we decided to get him some new big boy bedding...something different. less baby. more big boy. (i won't stop here and talk about the tears i shed about my little boy growing up so fast...) i found the most perfect new bedding, especially designed for the convertible bed we had. and even better, it already matched the paint and curtains we had in his room. here is the bedding we went with from pottery barn kids. (side note: i'm a total sucker for a really great madras print. i fell in love with this as soon as i saw it.) 

the thing i wasn't totally in love with was the crib skirt that went with it. i was a little queasy at the price, to be totally honest. i knew this bedding wasn't going to be used for anywhere near the amount of time we used his nursery crib bedding, and i thought that i had to be able to make a crib skirt for 1.) less money, 2.) with a little different pattern/print that would give a little extra something to his room.

bring in hobby lobby, a navy cotton broadcloth and two spools of a orange-and-white striped two-inch wide ribbon. 

it was pretty simple. lots of measuring the current crib/bed and double-checking how long i wanted the skirt to hang down. based on these measurements, i went about measuring the fabric, and cutting five main pieces:

1. main center piece (i.e. the piece that will lie on top of the bed springs and underneath the mattress)
2. two shorter pieces that will hang down on the two short sides of the bed
3. two longer pieces that would hang down the two long sides

then, i placed the ribbon along each of the four side pieces, and stitched them down (making sure to use orange thread to match the ribbon). some simple one-inch seams on all sides, and stitching the four sides to the main center piece, and we had a brand new bed skirt for the little man's bed. and i have to say, i was so happy with how the striped ribbon complemented the madras print while still looking boyish.

oh, and my little guy was as happy with it as a three-year-old boy can be. (i did get a "thank you mommy." so it was all worth it.)  

here's to being a little creative everyday,


it all started with a crafty little blog...

on a snowy february day. the whole purpose of the little blog was to make cute things and share them with others. and once i started sharing things with others, i started hearing, "you know, you should really think about trying to sell the things you make."

it's taken eighteen months, a lot of courage, and some help from my friends and family, but here we are. 

today, i'm so excited and overjoyed to announce the start of my etsy store, re-nest studio.

this endeavor is a tribute to everyone who likes to craft, wishes they could craft, wants to be a little more crafty, or who just likes to buy crafts. (did i just about cover everyone?) 

i'll still be sharing through this blog...stuff i'm making, and of course, cool and interesting ways to bring craftiness into the everyday. i love writing and sharing through here and i hope you continue to as well.

along with the etsy launch, i'm launching the new facebook page, twitter feed and pinterest boards. i'd love to see you there and have you follow us all around the social media world.

most of all, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to each of you that has ever taken a look at this little blog that was started during the blizzard of 2011. thank you for your kind comments and your encouragement and your inspiration. i hope i can continue to share some cool and cute things with you that inspire.

...and, i can't sign off without giving a super huge thank you to two very special people who helped make this leap happen....my brother-in-law, tony, for your amazing artistic talent, for listening to me and for giving me an amazing identity, and to my sissy, alyssa, the most talented director of communications i could ever ask for. you both have floored me with your graciousness, talent and generosity. 

here's to being a little creative everyday,
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