a heartfelt thank you

to our re-nest friends...

it was just about two-and-a-half months ago that i took what felt like a giant leap and launched re-nest studio. most know this was a dream and a goal for me to do one day, but what people don't know is that doing this took a lot of courage...see, i've often compared doing this little adventure to standing naked in the middle of times square. putting stuff out there that i like is cool and all, but would anyone else like it?

this is a heartfelt thank you to anyone and everyone who has taken even one look at our etsy page...at this blog...at our facebook page, our twitter feed or at our pinterest boards. it's because of each and every one of you that i continue to be inspired and encouraged and have started to feel a little less like i'm standing naked in the middle of times square. every facebook like or twitter re-tweet (our greatest ones yet have come from pottery barn kids, michael's and stephen brown from tlc's "craft wars"...just to give ourselves a little bit of a pat on the back!) truly makes me giddy like a girl. and i can't even describe the feeling when i get an order! (just this week, we've received two more orders, organically, thru etsy...what a thrill!)

so, if you're wondering how this little venture is going, it's going really, really well. thank you all for your excitement, your support, your encouragement, your good ju-ju for this dream. i truly hope everyone is enjoying this little ride with me, and is looking forward to much more!

here's to living the creative dream,

two very special first birthdays!

i just have to start by saying this was a week. one of those weeks were it seems like right up until 5:00 on friday, the world is just throwing challenges your way. happily, it's the weekend. the week is behind us and we can now celebrate two very, very special first birthdays for two very special little girls!

two friends of mine just happened to have their little one's parties scheduled on the same day...and i offered to help add a little somethin' to the parties. i love doing party decor (see the grandest of them all here and here), thus our shift this week from the home to parties!

party #1: pink themed anything and everything. (note: this was awesome because i never get to do anything in pink!) we had a bigger space to work with so i went with a double ribbon banner. (i used a 1-1/2" pink ribbon with white polka dots...from hobby lobby) and i pulled out every pink patterned paper i could find. we ended up with a pretty cute, pink explosion for a very adorable little girl's birthday party (complete with a couple of paper flowers with a little sparkle!)

party #2: "you are my sunshine" themed party (love this, btw!) a friend at my day job really wanted a high chair banner for her little girl's first birthday...that would totally capture the "you are my sunshine" theme. we worked together to find a style of banner, paper, ribbon and we came out with a pretty darn cute high chair banner (if i do say so myself). all supplies came from hobby lobby and with some help from my trusty cricut. i so can't wait to see pics of this special little girl celebrating!

not to worry, today it's back to home decor...re-nest studio has lots going on with new orders and getting ready for our upcoming craft show! stay tuned for much, much more, friends!

here's to a crafty weekend!


the painting is finished...and so is the art...

whoa. last weekend was a l  o  n  g weekend around the re-nest house. don't get me wrong. it was super-fantastic. as in, going back to work was pretty painful, it was so good.

we managed to divvy up our weekend into little chunks: family time, house project time, errand time, crafty time and ice cream time (muy importante). family time was a little trip over to the quad cities to the john deere pavilion, along with a hotel stay and a trip to the family museum of art & science. lots of fun and little mr. re-nest proclaiming, " i love vacation!"

house project and crafty time was up next when we got home. and i knew just what my target was: our spare bedroom. admittedly, i bought the paint for the room back in april. and it's been permanently planted in my basement ever since. i don't know about you, but i totally have to be in the "zone" to paint. i always feel like i think it's no big deal when i'm talking about the theory of painting a room....until i actually get everything out, and realize how long it takes to just tape the ceiling and trim. then, the first coat is exciting for like, the first quarter of the first wall, and then it's like, "oh my gosh, when is this going to be finished???" 

this room was no exception. don't get me wrong - it's a great space, but there's just a lot of solid wall space in this room....not a lot of it is broken up by doors or windows (which to me, always makes painting go much, much faster). pair this with the fact that these walls still had a horrible painter's grade primer on the walls, and most of the first coat just soaked into the wall. (i will note here that i wasn't using my favorite paint...i was using the valspar eggshell from lowes. i usually go for the pittsburgh paints grand distinction from menards. but i found the color i liked from lowes and i totally bought into the whole "menards-might-not-be-able-to-match-it-exactly-if-it's-not-the-same-base" theory. silly, silly me.) 

so, about ten hours later (over two days), the room was painted. and i don't think i've ever made such a mess painting in my life. but i loved the color and how it came out. 

and if you happened to be following the re-nest studio facebook page that day, you'll know that i was bitten by the "refresh a room" bug. it wasn't just painting the room. then, i needed curtains. and a curtain rod. and some new art. 

curtains. check. curtain rod. not check (yet). art. check.
the 24" 24" canvas + chevron

the wall that our bed is against is pretty wide, and so is the structure of the bed/headboard in this room. i instantly thought that it would be great to do a multi-piece look over the bed, in a variety of mediums. 

enter the following:

1. a 24" x 24" canvas (used my 40% off hobby lobby coupon). paired with a yard of this great grey and white chevron (my fave, fave, fave!) found at hobby lobby (30% off....even better!)

wrapping the fabric
around the canvas
2. a 12" x 12" canvas from my re-nest stash. some grey acrylic paint + a layered circle and monogram look.

the finished art!
3. a white gallery frame from target. paired with grey paper, and a die-cut leak in pale green and white.

and voila! art. customized. in a look that i wouldn't be able to find at a store. i have to admit, i'm pretty psyched about the new look. now, if i can just find that curtain rod....

here's to being a little creative (with your home refreshes)!


olympic-sized message for pint-sized little ones

so, the 2012 summer olympics wrapped a couple of weeks ago. maybe it was the games, paired with a little bit of our twice-weekly swim lessons with little mr. re-nest, but i got inspired. inspired to develop a new piece that would give simple, but big time words of encouragement for my little one. and hopefully, other little ones too!

it's pretty simply said: dream big.

there are a lot of ways that we encourage our little ones. talking with them, telling them that what they do is great, watching their activities, and so much more. but what a neat little way to bring those words to life and make them a part of their everyday, in their room, their playroom, or anywhere in the house.

so, while we encourage our little mr. re-nest to be the next michael phelps (if he wants to), or to do whatever his little heart desires, we want him to have dreams. and to dream big.

here's to dreaming big (for you and your little ones),

p.s. i had to share: talking about dreaming big. several weeks ago, while watching "the social network" while little mr. re-nest was playing, he turned to me and mr. re-nest and said, "mommy, daddy, can i go to 'carvard' one day?" yes, little man. yes, you can.
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