a quick share...the nursery bedding is here!

the day i have been waiting for finally arrived this last week...a very, very special thank you to modified tot on etsy for playing such a huge part in making my vision for little mr. re-nest #2's nursery come to life! officially, the bedding arrived!

i just had to share how the bedding starts tying everything together before my next big blog post on the nursery progress. whatcha think? (note: yes, you see a crib bumper. i have this for the visual. i do not let my babies sleep in their cribs with it. just in case anyone is questioning my judgment.)

updated crib shot with bedding. from modified tot.

a mix of navy/white chevron, chain link, dots and stripes. with a hint of green.

a view of the crib skirt. what you can't see is the awesome green trim on the skirt.


getting ready for baby!

to say that we've been spending weekends getting the nursery ready would be an understatement...and to say that i have gained a whole new appreciation for online shopping would be a tremendous understatement. being seven months pregnant with an almost four-year-old and being about an hour from any brick-and-mortar store that i'm looking for nursery stuff brings a whole new meaning to "i love online shopping."

so, here's where we are with the nursery. i can happily and gleefully say that i am officially starting to see my vision for this baby's room coming together. oh, what a feeling! (to steal a line from one of the best 80s songs of all time, from one of the best 80s movies of all time...."flashdance") there's definitely more work to do (i even did more online shopping tonight) but i wanted to share where we are...especially now that the baby furniture is h-e-r-e!

for reference, i just had to share this pic of what the baby's room used to look like...our guest bedroom. with it's saffron walls and the double white frames that had the framed paper source wrapping paper. (i was so, so proud of this room when it was finished.) 

the spare bedroom. circa six weeks ago.

the nursery today. still more work to do.
like i said, there's still a lot of work to do. we have a new curtain rod on the way (remember how i mentioned online shopping? yeah, thanks to cb2, we have a more modern rod on its way, which mr. re-nest has gracefully offered to paint in a gloss white...do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a gloss white curtain rod? tough.) the bedding is still on its way too (thanks to modified tot from etsy), and i have artwork to make for over the long dresser. 

i was super pumped this weekend to finish the frames over the crib...thanks to hobby lobby, i ordered two new navy mats (each with an 8" x 10" opening) and i tracked down this gorgeous lokta moroccan green and white paper from paper source. one sheet was all i needed, so i could cut it down and place it into the frames. i have to say this is one of my favorite repurposed projects....and it was all for under $25. 

hope you enjoyed seeing where we are now...stay tuned because there are curtains to hang, a rug to unroll, bedding to unpack and art to hang. have i mentioned i love decorating?

here's to being a little creative everyday,


being commissioned...

many of the pieces that i feature on my store are ones that are born from my very own little head...ideas that are inspired by kiddos' bedding i see, or a color palette, or from something that i think little mr. re-nest would like. something that i also do is work with clients directly on something totally custom for their homes. sometimes its for their kiddos' spaces, sometimes its for the parents' places.

over the past two weeks, i've had the honor of working with a great mom in texas on a piece that is for her growing kiddo's bedroom. and because many don't realize how this process works, i thought i'd take the opportunity to share the process with you all...it's nothing earth-shattering, but it's a little glimpse into answering the question i often hear, "how do you come up with this stuff?"

in this case, this mama found re-nest studio organically through etsy (woohoo! i love when new fans find me through their love of etsy!). from here, it was super simple....here's a little overview of what we did:

* we started a conversation through etsy. this mama told me that she was in the process of getting her toddler ready to move into her big kid bed...and with that came looking for new bedding. she was on the search and while searching for just the right bedding, we had a chat about what she was looking for...a piece that would grow with her little one and not be something that might just work for the next couple of years.

* once she found the perfect bedding, she sent me the link so i could get a feel for the tone and feel she was going with in the room. and the colors too. and she sent along some thoughts that she had for what she wanted the piece to convey.

* we worked through color schemes and sizing of the canvas...totally important because i can pretty much do pieces on any size canvas (within reason because i have to be able to ship it) and because i have no idea how much space client's have in their room. we settled on a canvas size. finalizing color schemes is one of my favorite parts...because it means i get to do some sketches and work directly with clients on what's dreamed up in my little head.

* we settled on a design via sketch and i get started on the piece....a very special 12" h x 36"w canvas with lime green, hot pink, and orange color scheme with a "heal the world" theme.

the sketch with some options for layout
* then, i started my work...painting the canvas first and letting it set. (note here: we got hit with a little bout of the flu in the re-nest house, so i got a little side-tracked at this point.)

the painted canvas
* next came testing out the cuts i needed with the cricut...i needed a large earth graphic and the headline "heal the world." i ended up using a graphic from my give a hoot cartridge and also going with the font from plantin schoolbook. it took a couple of test tries with scrap paper, but i found my sizing for the earth and for my wording...up next was cutting on my actual paper and assembling.

pretty cool earth graphic, huh?

getting stuff positioned on the canvas
* last up was to adhere everything to the canvas...in this process, i was about to adhere the lettering and decided it needed something more than just flat lettering. it needed some dimension. (i find it always helps me too to get an extra opinion, which is where mr. re-nest is very helpful. he has a great eye and i trust his judgement, so he helped me out a bit on this one too.)

the finished piece!
that's kinda the method to the madness (if you can even call it madness...). i love doing what i do with my re-nest clients and love coming up with new and cute pieces that work well for special spaces. it's such an honor and very cool to know that one of my pieces is going to grow with a growing little one in texas....

here's to being a little creative everyday,


it only took nine years, two houses and a new baby on the way...

to finally, finally, finally allow the gorgeous, classic china that we received at our wedding to have their debut party in a real-life display cabinet. you see, i'm going to be honest....we've never used it. (and, anyone reading this, give me a show of hands if you have china...have you used yours?)

just because we've never used it doesn't mean i don't love it. i mean, i do. (pardon the pun) i realize that in this day and age, having china and crystal is a huge privilege. but when we got married, there was something very traditional about getting china. my grandmother had china. my mother has china. it's a keepsake. something that can be passed down. 

we selected the most classic pattern we could find....it's a line from vera wang and the china is plain white. no pattern, no metallic rings around the edges. just plain white. the crystal was just as simple. simple and classic, i loved it.

and it's been nine years. my poor china and crystal have been sitting in the same boxes they were packaged up in from l.s. ayres (any of my indiana peeps recall ayres?) until we had to start making room for little mr. re-nest #2...(just like johnson & johnson said, having a baby really does change everything. including closet space allocation.)

a display cabinet was needed. now, all of y'all know by now that mr. re-nest and i tend to be on the more modern side when it comes to furniture. we looked online and settled on a trip to ikea to see what we could find and make work. surprisingly, we found it. the ikea besta system. it had the ability to add some small lighting within the cabinet, along with glass shelving to let the light pass through (i had visions of the crystal glassware gleaming with the light and glass shelves....)

the cabinet with its glorious lighting
little mr. re-nest's baby china

the crystal. finally able to breathe.
mr. re-nest did a fantastic job putting together the cabinet, and i didn't do too shabby of a job installing the glass shelving (which required a follow up trip to ikea since they were of course, out of the shelves when we were there buying the unit). but what is super cool is that all of the beautiful china and crystal that has spent the last nine years in boxes and wrapped in tissue in a closet now gets to see the light of day. (oh, and the added benefit that all of this opened up much-needed closet space for us and the new baby too!)

here's to letting pretty things have their time to shine,
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