a lovely/touching/moving baby gift

so, i've gone on and on before about my dearheart friend in indianapolis who is my creative inspiration...she's the master of all crafty ladies. when it comes to crafting, she's like the peanut butter to my jelly.

anywho, earlier this week we grab the mail and there's a lovely padded envelope from said creative master. i eagerly rip into it (because at heart, i'm still a six-year-old little girl who can't unwrap a present in a dignified way) and out come some lovely treasures...

for little mr. re-nest #1, a toy story toy. i have to say, i have some of the dearest friends...who, while no gifts are expected at all, they have brought my oldest just a little something. so thoughtful and loving.

for our new little mr. re-nest #2, my dear friend sent along an adorable ralph lauren onesie (she knows me so well), an adorable swimsuit and a lovely handmade frame with paper art with alex's name and birthdate. sheer lovely. but it was the card that started the waterworks. initially, it looked like a simple five-by-five, white card. with my friend's lovely words. it was the p.s. that did it...

here, she says "i recycled the calendar you gave me for christmas"...see, i gave her one of my favorite calendars from paper source. the paper source diy calendar. as I turned over the card, she had given me the may card, personalized in navy and alligator green, with a simple, lovely heart on the thirtieth. to say i burst into (happy) tears is an understatement.

it just so happened that i still had an empty five-by-seven frame from target in the nursery, so what better place to save this adorable and touching gift? 

i added a little navy scrapbook paper behind the card to take up some of the extra space in the frame/mat opening, and closed up the frame. pure perfection.

please ignore the reflections of the light...taken late at night and light was necessary
love. pure love. and such a great way to note this very special day. and what a unique way to send our family their love and thoughts for our new arrival of little mr. re-nest #2.



the most valuable nursery item (so far, after just two weeks)

well, at this point, anyway. 

mind you, little mr. re-nest #2 isn't sleeping in his nursery yet (he has a preference to be right next to his mama, in his cozy bassinet), but there is one item that we have found to be super-useful  for those very necessary and very true truths of new parenthood: you will be up at insanely late/early hours (however you may look at it), and when you are up at those hours (and half-comatose), there will be the need to change the diaper. like, now. and if you are like us, the nursery will be down the hall, and right next to the room where your dear parents are trying to sleep during their visits, so changing a not-so-happy baby at those insanely late/early hours in the nursery are not the best way to host precious family members who are here to help you and unload the dishwasher and cook and do laundry for you. enter the greatest $8 you could ever spend and a creative way to ensure that your guests get to sleep.

the land of nod i think i canvas wide drawer.

land of nod i think i canvas wide drawer in blue. available at landofnod.com
yes, for just $8 your life with a newborn can be just a little bit easier. 

during one of my many trips to the land of nod outlet in naperville while pregnant, i found these canvas drawers/bins. i bought three of them for little mr. re-nest #2's room, knowing i was going to use them for:

1. one on the floor next to the rocker to hold burp cloths. i had this in little mr. re-nest #1's room and it was such a big help.

2. two on the dresser/changing table (one on each side of the changing table pad). one to hold diapers. the other to hold wipes, butt paste, hand sanitizer, etc. again, had something similar in little mr. re-nest #1's room and such a huge help. everything is in one very convenient place.

the i think i canvas wide drawer is just big enough to hold all of these items in one place. so, when we brought little mr. re-nest #2 home and we had night #1 where the diaper had to be changed immediately and we had to take a screaming baby into his room (while parents were sleeping in the next room), we realized there had to be a better way. starting on night #2, we took one of the bins, loaded it up with extra diapers, wipes, extra clothes and an extra swaddling blanket (because as we very quickly reminded, leaks do happen. a lot.) and placed it in our bedroom. so, the screaming and diaper changes could be contained to our bedroom/bathroom. no joke, it seems like the easiest, most simple thing to figure out and have, but it wasn't until having a second child and the desperate need to keep the nighttime peace for everyone else in the house did i make the connection that this little drawer could bring a little glimmer of simplicity to middle of the night changings. 

even with this tiny drawer and the peace it's brought, i'm still tired. so, i'm off to take a nap. enjoy!

welcome to new little mr. re-nest #2!

yes, it's official...little mr. re-nest #2 is here! at 39 weeks + 3 days, our little man decided it was time to make his appearance...i'll admit it, i honestly thought this little one would be just like his older brother and not be in any hurry at all to make his appearance. in fact, mr. re-nest and i were fully ready to talk to the doctor about induction options at our next appointment.

while this is typically a creative blog, focused on home decor and things i've made, i figured this is the biggest thing i've ever made, so i'll share the story of how he stole our hearts and made his way into the world...

it was the week of memorial day 2013...i had been working my 8-5 job from home since the week before, and waking up thursday morning wasn't any different. little mr. re-nest #1 and i were hanging out, eating breakfast and taking our time waking up. then 7:45am came. little mr. re-nest was just about ready to go to day care. and my water broke. and of course, mr. re-nest was already at work (which is 45 minutes away, and he was about to enter a half day meeting...so i got him on the phone, and f-a-s-t.) fortunately, he found his boss, said he wasn't staying, got back in his car and headed home to get me.

fast forward about two hours and we are at the hospital, getting checked in and confirming that what happened was really what i thought had happened. we were admitted and i knew this time 'round i wasn't just going to stay in bed and wait for something to happen...i had been walking throughout the pregnancy and since the labor and delivery floor was a giant circle, mr. re-nest and i started doing laps....so much so that we had nurses cheering us on. after about fifty laps, i decided i needed to relax, so enter in the lovely anesthesiologist and the joyous epidural. then, a mere five hours and forty-one minutes later, our little man was here.

introducing alexander gabriel. the newest family member to steal our hearts, the one who made me a mama again, and the one who gave little mr. re-nest #1 the coveted title of "big brother." 

alexander gabriel.
arrived 5.30.13 @ 9:41pm. 7 lbs., 9 oz., 20.5".
and stole our hearts instantly.
so, we've been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks while we get used to having a tiny one in the house again. but don't expect that to last for long....i'm a busy bee and can't wait to share more projects i'm working on over the summer with my newest little creative inspiration!

here's to new arrivals!
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