it's amazing what a difference four years makes!

so, anyone who has little ones has heard it...you find the latest and greatest baby gadget that you just have to have for your little one, you start using it, and someone gives you the line "well, they never had something like that when (you, your sister, your cousin, etc.) were a baby." it's a classic line. and one i never thought i'd ever use, especially having little ones that are just a mere four years apart. i mean, how much can change or be introduced in the cuteness baby industry in four years (that would make me say, "hey now! why didn't they have that four years ago??? i want that!") (i'll pause here for laughter....)

well, it wasn't a baby gadget they didn't seem to have four years ago, but it was all of those adorable ideas from pinterest to capture your little ones monthly milestone pictures. you know what i'm talking about....propping your little one up with a mini chalkboard and writing their age and milestones, using a post-it note, or those cute onesie stickers (like these). maybe i was totally blind four years ago, but i didn't see any of this (i also didn't know anything about pinterest, so maybe that's my issue....)

add to this, the need to be better this time around with taking monthly pics of little mr. re-nest #2, and a light bulb went off (actually, this light bulb went off when the one did for the mama-to-be pregnancy countdown calendar that we did while little mr. re-nest #2 was a cookin'.) why not do a little somethin' that could uniquely mark little mr. re-nest #2's monthly milestones, but be flexible enough to end up being a great piece of personalized art for his room?

which gave us the new first year monthly milestone canvas.

when designing, i wanted to think about not just using this monthly for little mr. re-nest #2's milestone pics, but giving it a use beyond the first year. which meant permanent adhesives were not an option. :) besides that, i also wanted to make sure that colors/patterns/design would work well with his room.

introduce my favorite navy-and-white chevron fabric from hobby lobby and complementary green and white papers to complete the whole look. what did we end up with? three center pieces which can be swapped out (don't you love velcro?)...two center pieces for the first twelve months and a final one with little mr. re-nest #2's initial. super easy and super cute!

now, what kind of mama would i be if i didn't actually share the piece in action? i have to say, little mr. re-nest #2's first month pic is one for the books....a look of total shock, with just the right amount of "what the heck are you doing to me, mom?" 

hello! happy one month birthday to me!

did you take monthly milestone pics of your little one the first year? how did you mark the milestone in your pictures?

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