i'm a calendar girl (not in that way)

i love calendars. and planners. and notebooks. pretty much anything or anywhere i can write down goings on, make lists, take notes, and generally have somewhere where i can cross things off a list. (those type-a peeps out there know exactly what i'm talking about!)

little mr. re-nest #1 started pre-school this week (eek!), which meant two weeks ago, we went to orientation night where we got, you guessed it, a calendar of all of the school happenings for the month of september. and all of a sudden a lightbulb went off: "we have a field trip when?" "wait, when do swim lessons start?" "when is my hair appointment?" we needed a family-centric calendar to keep everything in one place...like stat. between the swim lessons and doctor's appointments and picture day and mr. re-nest's weekly evening conference calls, i needed one place to keep it all. enter one of my favorite, favorite, favorite calendars of all time:
the 2014 paper source academic great big wall calendar.
image from paper source.  
i've featured this calendar before. like every holiday for the past two years. i have one of these on my desk at work. and now i have seventeen months worth of glorious empty calendar space to fill up at home. heaven.

this isn't the only amazing calendar that paper source has....actually many of their calendars are gorgeous pieces of art, with very lovely illustrations and images and photographs. we're talking stuff gorgeous enough to put in a frame after its time to change your calendar over to the next month. 

so, given my fascination with calendars and especially ones from paper source, you can imagine my excitement when i found a behind-the-scenes look at how the design team at paper source developed the lovely 2014 calendars. there's little i love (and appreciate) more in the crafty world than getting the inside view of the hows and whys of design. i hope you love seeing this unique little view into one of my very favorite organizational tools!

tell us: how do you keep your family organized? do you have a family calendar?


brotherly love

okay, so when i was about three days prego with little mr. re-nest #2, i discovered the genius "secret boards" on pinterest. perfect timing because besides wondering exactly when that feeling of being on a fishing boat in the middle of a storm was going to set in, i went right to "how am i going to decorate this little one's space?" 

while i was going along and secret pinning a lot of stuff, i came across the cutest (and i mean, hands down, most adorable) thing i had ever seen: the marc brown quote "sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero." 


what better quote to incorporate into little mr. re-nest #1's room? and i'd been contemplating starting a piece that was in the subway art look and feel, so this seemed like the perfect way to kill two birds.

so i totally admit, i started this project a long time ago. first goal was to have it for the fourth birthday party. nope. second goal was to have it before little mr. re-nest #2 was born. double nope. third goal: get it done while on maternity leave. yeah, that didn't happen.

so, something like nine months after that secret pin, i give you little mr. re-nest #1's new wall art addition. 

besides the fact that he's a big brother, this is all the more poetic because his little brother already looks at him like he is his hero. it's really just one (of the million) most adorable things little mr. re-nest #2 does.

oh, and in case you're wondering, there's a girly version too (that i'll do for the shop and to share at shows). it's pretty adorable too!

here's to the little superheroes,

p.s. and, this will be on the re-nest studio etsy store, in case you'd like to chat about a custom version for your little superhero! check out the new "sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero" custom wall art here!
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