post #100! (oh, and a black friday special too!)

well, well, well. here we are. after almost three years, we’ve made it to post #100. you know how on tv shows they roll out a big cake when episode #100 hits? yeah, well, there won’t be a cake today (this mama is still trying desperately to lose the last of the baby weight), but instead of cake, we have something way better….

the very first black friday - or as i prefer to call it “the re-nest studio grey + green friday” - spectacular!

on friday, november 29, 2013 ONLY you’ll receive 20% off of the list price for any piece ordered (that is specified to be a part of the grey + green friday spectacular on the etsy store). a great deal for unique and personalized gift options for the holidays!

and, while it’s not fun, here’s the fine print:

*the re-nest studio grey + green friday spectacular runs from 12:01a CT on friday, november 29, 2013 to 11:59p CT on friday, november 29, 2013. the 20% discount does not apply to the following: gift certificates, previous re-nest studio purchases, shipping & handling charges, and commissioned/customized orders not seen in the current etsy shop. all purchases must be purchased in full via paypal by friday, november 29, 2013 at 11:59p CT.

another important item to note: friday, november 29, 2013 will be the last day to place an order in time for Christmas delivery. all of my pieces are customized, and that will give plenty of time for the creation, drying and shipment for your lovely holiday gifts!

that’s it ladies and gents! that’s way better than some silly cake, right?

happy shopping to all…and just in case you’re wondering, i will be available all day friday via the etsy store message platform for any questions you have in placing an order!


more brotherly love

y'all know we have all sorts of brotherly love goin' on in the re-nest house these days. my two little adorable boys who absolutely adore each other make my heart want to just jump out of my chest on most days.

what i love is that my two boys will always have each other as siblings. having a sister myself, i know and get that incredible bond between siblings. i'd wish that bond for anyone.

at our most recent show, i met a lovely woman who stopped at our table and one of our special pieces caught her eye. our "sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero" piece. she instantly connected to it. and then she started telling me a great story about her son, who is an only child and is now in college in arizona. as a part of his college journey, he joined a fraternity. and his mom told me just how much his fraternity brothers mean to him...that they've taken the place of having grown up with siblings.

she was so touched by the piece that she ordered it, customized in her son's university colors, and finished off with his fraternity's letters.



a "whoa" kind of weekend

have you ever had a weekend where your to-do list seems impossible? where you look at it and say "there is zero way that i'm going to get through even half of this?" yeah, that was us around the re-nest house this weekend. wait, let me rephrase. that was my situation this weekend. i had a list that was a mile long. and i thought there was zero way i was going to get a through any of it. 

now, i'm sitting here on a sunday night, with my glass of wine (amen), and reflecting back on mastering much of that seemingly impossible list.

how did the weekend go?

4:30am saturday - wake up call from little mr. re-nest #2. 

8am saturday - pilates. my hour a week that's for me. early morning workouts make me happy.

9am - 12:30pm saturday - picked up dry cleaning. stopped at grocery to pick up organic veggies for sunday date with a friend to make baby food. home. folded little mr. re-nest #1's laundry and put it away. snuggle time with little mr. re-nest #2 who fell asleep on me. shower. get ready to head to the salon.

12:45pm - 3:45pm saturday - okay, so more me time. it was time for mama to get her hair done. i was this close to cutting all of my hair off. until mr. re-nest told me how cute he thought my long hair was, then i felt bad and decided to wait.

4:00pm saturday - "family time". which means "get-in-the-car-head-45-minutes-away-for-mr.-re-nest-to-look-at-a-set-of-new-wheels-and-tires." but it was good family time. (p.s. he got the wheels and tires.)

6:00pm - end of the night saturday - dinner. family time. i fell asleep in little mr. re-nest #1's room. 

5am sunday - wake up call from little mr. re-nest #2. 

7am sunday - wake up call from little mr. re-nest #1. 

8am sunday - everyone is up. get bags and veggies and tools ready for the baby food making date with a friend.

9am - 11am sunday - work. i should actually say "work." i had the opportunity to work on three new projects this morning....a great anniversary gift, a special christmas gift and a piece for my upcoming holiday bazaar. (more to come on these!)

12pm - 5:30pm sunday - our date to make baby food. this was my first foray into this and i was totally psyched about it. i pulled together my organic veggies, my baby bullet, all of the storage containers, and got together with a friend from work to make gobs and gobs of baby food. three hours later (and some more time at home) and i had eight ice cube trays filled with green beans, peas, pumpkin, sweet potato, pears and apples. it feels so, so great to make little mr. re-nest #2's baby food. love it!

6pm - now sunday - dinner. bath time for the boys. got little mr. re-nest #2 to try is first serving of green beans. (he wasn't a total fan.) wine. blog time. 

i know so many of us run ourselves ragged each and every day. and what i did this weekend wasn't heroic or unique or special. for me, it was more than what i usually do. and i'm pretty dang proud of getting this much finished. and now, i'm tired. and need some rest before another frantic weeks begins.

here's to all of us who do and do and do and do without stopping each day,


re-nest studio's studio!

just like i said going into this last weekend: we were gonna spend time in the basement this weekend. i literally had five different "things" that needed to be hung on the wall, which had been leaned up against walls for, oh, the last three months or so. so, when this last weekend meant there were zero appointments, zero places we had to be, and nothing but time at home, i laid down the law. we were going to put some holes in the basement walls. (which is how my loving husband refers to it.)

first up: the fabric covered magnetic board for my craft/studio area. (check out the post on how-to make the magnet board here.) no joke, i had marked on the wall where i wanted this hung about ten weeks ago, but it just hadn't happened. (you might be asking yourself, "why doesn't she just hang this stuff herself?" yeah, well it turns out that i can hang lightweight things...things that don't require wall anchors and drills and screws. i leave those things to mr. re-nest.)

next? the boys' creative space (which is right next to my studio space). we had their art/activity table (which is the espresso activity table with paper roller from land of nod) in place, but i had a whole slew of things to hang above their table. you see, i'm a firm believer in having somewhere in the home to feature my little ones' projects and artwork. this was going to be that space. what all did we have to hang?

1. the boys' magnetic board. just like mine but with an orange-and-white chevron fabric wrap.

2. the framed cork board. shown with the how-to here.

3. the ikea dignitet curtain wire system, which we're using to hang artwork.

4. the super fun crayon artwork

once on the wall, we added the most important part: the artwork. and once this was added, it felt like the space was together. my craft space + the boys' creative space = a longtime home dream attained and a happy, happy me.

here's to creating your creative spaces,
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