better late than never...a new holiday banner!

this morning was one of those perfect sunday mornings. we had a forecast of snow and snow and more snow this morning, basically meaning we were hibernating this morning. yes, both boys were up early (after being up many, many, many times in the night with little mr. re-nest #2 during night #1 of sleep training), but i made my tea (tazo refresh is my favorite) and happened across "you've got mail" on AMC. (note: if you're ever in a trivia contest where you are asked what one of my two top fave movies of all time is: one of the correct answers is "you've got mail.") with nothing but time and two boys who were looking to play, we headed down to the basement and my studio. the boys played. i finally got time to make a banner i have had planned for weeks, but just had zero time.

i've mentioned in previous posts that i re-focused my holiday décor colors this year. along with that, i wanted to have a cute little banner to string across the mantle. (many years ago (a.k.a. pre-kiddos) i used to go kind of all-out on the mantle. that changed the year i managed to knock down one of mr. re-nest's speaker-things from the mantle with my garland. that didn't go over well.) ever since, our mantle has pretty much just been stocking holders and stockings. i figured this year, with a little paper and some bakers twine, i could add something to this space and not be in danger of ruining more electronics of my husband's.

it's a simple little banner, really. just using some of my platinum scrapbook paper, some fancy silver with glitter dots paper and white paper, along with my cricut, i came up with this (that i think it pretty cute, if i do say so myself)

it seems my banner photo was photobombed by our santa the elf
i used two cricut cartridges: plantin schoolbook for the letters and circles, and alphalicious for the first scalloped layer. i also reduced the "flatness" of the banner by raising the smallest grey circle with some adhesive spacers.

i like what it adds to our holiday décor, and what's better is that i have zero chance of knocking anything over with this banner. (and, mr. re-nest appreciates that too!)

happy holidays! (just three more days to go!)


pure giddyness

yep, that pretty much sums up how i'm feeling this week. giddy. goodness, i love being crafty and creative and the happiness and joy it brings to others. that makes me giddy. oh and the upcoming holidays make me pretty darn happy too!

at one of my last shows, i had the chance to meet a lovely new re-nest fan, and over the past couple of weeks, i've had the opportunity of helping with some holiday gifts for her. one of those was a brand new piece...an idea that was born out of her niece recently having joined a sorority. of course, having been in a sorority myself, i remembered the great friends that were brought into my life because of joining greek life. and from this exciting time in her niece's life, came a brand new re-nest studio piece....

the new customized sorority letters + icon framed paper art!
so, this got me thinking. i remember when i first got into my sorority (and then the years after when we were welcoming new members in), that you pretty much are on the lookout for anything and everything with your letters on it. why couldn't this piece be a lovely little addition to a college student's dorm room or apartment or room at the sorority house? so, i bring you the new customized sorority letters + icon framed paper art

i just remember wanting and needing the rooms that i lived in in college to feel something like home...to have some pretty to them to help make the small space not feel so, well, small. having prettiness and cuteness in a college room can help. a lot.

with this new product intro, also comes a new shop section on the re-nest studio etsy store...introducing college spaces! this one piece is just the start...keep an eye out as we continue to expand this section of the store in 2014, and add more special designs for the college life!



a new mini monogram

the holidays have had me in a flurry of craftiness at the re-nest house...which has been the greatest gift ever! getting to make special pieces that will have a special place in a new home is a fabulous feeling. i'm so, so proud and grateful that i get to share my little creations with fans and little ones and their special places!

one of the fun pieces i've recently had the chance to finish is a brand new mini monogram canvas wall art, for a very special gift! what i love about this is the fearlessness with using a bright and bold color as the palette. i'm loving this grass green with white to help give this special piece some extra pop in the recipient's house!

don't forget...the mini monogram canvas wall art is available on the etsy store, available for order in your custom colors and size! check it out and let us know what you think!


my 2013 favorite things!

happy friday all! if you are anything like me, you possibly woke up this morning, started thinking about your weekend, and said, "oh boy! there are only three more weekends until christmas! shopping! i need to shop!" i don't know about y'all, but i rely on my weekends to get all things holiday complete. the weekday evenings are just shot between swim lessons, dinner, kiddos, laundry, and on and on and on and on....

well, hopefully i can come to the rescue (a bit). typically, i wait until after christmas to share my favorite things....gifts that i received that i just love and know i won't be able to live without. well, this year, i'm shaking things up a bit....and i've pulled some of my very favorite holiday 2013 ideas to share with you...my dear re-nest fans! and, there's a theme: this year, i've pulled some of my very favorite etsy artisans...some friends that have lovely, lovely, lovely offerings that i want everyone to know about. and, what could be better than giving a gift or a lovely message to a dear person in your life that is unique, different, and also supports an artisan who has passion? 

without further ado, i give you....(drumroll, please)....the re-nest 2013 holiday favorite things!

*all images credited to, and provided by the individual etsy shops.

for the important part...who are these amazing etsy artisans, you ask? i am so, so excited to share with you the following artists (with links to their stores below!):

1. frills: pretty. fancy. fun.: military-style adjustable hat with flower accent.

2. hi mamma.: fabric covered button bookmark with paper clip.

3. I DO invitations by michelle.: chalkboard holiday photo card with glitter bunting. 

4. little houses clothing.: rosemont sweater.

5. kay decor.: crocheted boot cuffs.

i love each and every one of these artists, their work and their style...and would love for you to explore their stores (because they have many, many, many other fabulous offerings!), support them and become fans!

happy shopping to all!
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