hawaii. vacation. such sweet, sweet words...

before i start writing, i have to just say that mr. re-nest and i are likely the two luckiest people in the world. (at least we feel like it.) for several reasons, but here are just a few:

1. last week, we celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary. ten years. that's jobs (plural), moves (plural), kids (plural) and many other things that i can't even think of right now, that we went through together. and i tell you what, that guy is still my best friend in the whole world.

2. we got to commemorate this special occasion with a trip to hawaii. ten years ago when we were here for our honeymoon, we said we'd come back for this special event. and we did. but it wasn't without some help....

3. the family. the only way this was possible was because of family. you see, the kiddos stayed at home with family for the week. (note: the family currently does have themselves booked on a flight on monday morning from IND > LIH, so that they can get some much needed downtime after taking care of a four-year-old and an almost eight-month old.)

so, on to the trip. first, we came to kauai. the "lush, non-commercialized, almost-a-state-park island." and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. we have been to maui...which is gorgeous, of course. and has a ton to do, but i do have to say that with our plans coming in set at 1. sleep (because little mr. re-nest #2 still gets up in the night), 2. sun (because northern illinois is not known for allowing us much this time of year), and 3. relaxing, this was the place to do it. here's the rest of the rundown on the trip:

our hotel: the westin princeville. heaven. i have to be completely honest here and say that i am a huge fan of westin, in any city. i'm a big believer in always making sure that the experience is the same. and they make it happen (in my opinion). and i'm a total sucker for the white tea and ginger scent that that pump through the lobby...if i could pump that in my house, i would.

eats: so, we were lucky enough to have a villa, which meant we had a kitchen. but that doesn't mean we were eating every single meal in and not experiencing the island restaurants...some of the places we ventured to: lighthouse bistro (in kilauea)...amazing kale salad! frederico's (in princeville landing)...for a little walk-up mexican place, these fish tacos were pretty dang good! sushi bushido (in kapaa)...whoa. just whoa.

beaches: so, we just happened to come at the time when the north shore of the islands were experiencing a "swell", or in more technical terms, the biggest waves they have seen in about fifteen years. so beaching it wasn't in the cards this trip. but, i will say that those giant waves made for some pretty awesome pictures (you know how you see hawaii in the movies and there's giant waves? yeah, well that's what we got to see)

pampering: there was zero chance i was coming on this trip and not getting a little spa treatment in. i went for the outdoor cabana massage (deep lomi lomi, please) where i could hear the ocean crashing. heaven.

image courtesy of washingtonpost.com
sun: if you live anywhere right now that is suffering from the polar vortex, i don't need to say one more word to you about the importance of sun. 

and pictures. i took way too many pics of just the beach and the water. it was immaculate. and perfect. and just like the hawaii you see on tv and in pictures.

from the balcony of the st. regis in princeville

beach as we drove to the end of the island

the floral centerpieces in the westin lobby. love.

hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of the tropics....everyone stay warm this weekend!


another little superhero

two weekends ago, i had the pleasure of getting to make a new "superhero" canvas wall art for a special home in maryland...and you know what was so cool? the color this client selected. it was ordered in black and white. so simple and basic...i had always seen that piece in navy or red or blue or even orange, but i had never considered black. and, wow, was it fantastic...

after seeing this come together, i can envision the room that is being done for this little one...in my imagination, there's a big brother out there who is going to have a superman/spiderman/batman superhero themed room, and this piece will be a nice little addition to the room. 

photo courtesy of potterybarnkids.com
tell me: have you ever worked in a superhero theme to your kiddos' room decor?


a little card cuteness

happy, happy, happy 2014! i don't know about you, but i really feel like this is going to be a great, great year. i have lots and lots and lots of fun plans for re-nest and i am so incredibly happy to have you along for the ride! y'all know this is something i love and it's something that i love sharing with others.

to kick off this year, i have another little somethin' to share with you...and the story to go with it. 

three years ago, i was in a total "re-do" mode in the re-nest house. mind you, we had only been living in the house for about three years and when we moved in, it was brand new. a clean slate. but when we moved in, we (i) were kind of in the "we have to get it all done" mode, that i kind of made choices about decor that functionally worked, but that i didn't necessarily love. (question: have you ever done that? how did that make you feel? for me, i just lived with it for a while, and then i got up the drive to actually make the room/space what i wanted it to be.) the one space that i really did this in was our downstairs powder room. before little mr. re-nest #1, i had painted it a pale yellow (for some reason, whenever i thought of a powder room, i saw pale yellow). i still loved the color, but i had made a roman shade in this awful not-great navy/white/yellow stripe/home decor fabric....all in the name of "let's just get something up on the window for privacy's sake." well, when i had had enough, i found a new, adorable grey/yellow/white pattern at calico corners, placed the order and made a new roman shade. but that wasn't enough. the room needed more. so i went to work figuring out what this 5' x 6' space needed.

i started with a small (two foot), white shelf from target. (like this one, except in white). without a ton of space on the shelf, i started playing around with the cricut super simple graphics with the idea of placing one on a plain piece of scrapbook paper...a la postcard style. what i came up with was this really simple white tree on pale yellow paper. one 4" x 6" white frame later and i had one of my accent pieces for the powder room. for another touch, i took a scrap from the roman shade fabric and framed it...and both are featured on the little white shelf in the room. but here's where the story gets funny...after seeing that simple little tree on the yellow paper in the frame, my sister went gaga for it. where i thought it was just little piece of something to put in the bathroom, every time she came over, she said something about that tree in the frame. well, after re-nest studio launched, she's asked me over and over when i'm going to start offering the little tree postcard. i did a little test run at one of my craft shows this fall, and they went over so well that i decided to take the leap. so, today's the day, my friends...the simple graphic postcard is now available on the etsy store!

but it's not just a tree postcard that is available. it's single letters. it's also butterflies. and birds. in a variety of colors. they can be made to stand alone in a space, or have a group clustered together to make a gallery art wall. 

i do hope you love these as much as i do...not only are they so cute and simple, but they're so much fun to make! hope you enjoy!

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