red + white = a new superhero brother

i absolutely love when a little one becomes a big brother...it's really the cutest thing. having had the chance to see my little mr. re-nest #1 become a big brother has been one of the best experiences. so, when a mama gets in touch with me about making the "sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero" piece, it's personal to me. i made that for little mr. re-nest #1 and to be able to make that for another little superhero is just a great, great thing.

i had a mama in missouri ask me to make this piece for her little guy's room in another new color combo....red + white (one of the favorite color combos of four-year-olds in the re-nest house and the team colors of our favorite basketball team!) 

we love this new color combo, and most of all, hope that this big brother loves his new super special role!

here's to the specialness of siblings,

p.s. about to have a new sibling in your home? check out this piece on the etsy store...and don't forget, i can customize color and even can do a version for a big sister too! 


a little worldliness for the re-nest house

i'll start off this post with a question: has anyone out there added a world map to your home decor for your kiddos? 

here's the reason i ask: about two years ago, little mr. re-nest #1 and #2's papa (my dad) started sending the boys postcards from his worldly travels. (he's a consultant and spends more time on an airplane than on land. bless his heart.) so, you can imagine that we've started gathering quite the collection of postcards...it's really amazing...they've gotten postcards from everywhere from milwaukee to korea. personally, i love this. i absolutely love that the boys have these little pieces of places they can only imagine at their little ages right now. 

but something we've talked about is having a world map for the boys to mark where they've received postcards from...you know, put little stickers on the map for each place (staying away from push pins...i don't need little toes and little hands finding sharp, pointy objects on the floor, by accident). so, adding this little project to the big, giant re-nest house updates list: find a world map that looks cool. add it to somewhere in our house. 

i started digging around tonight on pinterest to get some ideas and inspiration...and found some cool possibilities...

a simple map with markers. image from craftyweekend.com.
 whoa. i think i'm in love with this. more than what i have space for, but too beautiful not to share. image from designdipassione.com
and, a totally different way to show the world. image from scoutmob.com

what do y'all think? i think i'm leaning to starting with a large map and doing some kind of treatment with it on a large canvas...going to keep digging and getting inspired, but definitely need to get this project checked off the list! interested in seeing these and more? check out our pinterest boards for more inspiration and ideas!


for the gamma phis...

back around christmas, i was asked to do a special piece for a fan who's niece had just pledged alpha phi (remember from this post?) well, having been greek myself, i couldn't let this new piece not be offered in my house's letters!

so, today's quick, quick post is to introduce the gamma phi beta version of the customized sorority letters + icon framed wall art!

know a college student who would love this piece in their house's letters? check out the updated customized sorority + icon framed wall art listing on the etsy store!


a sweet, sweet nursery project

hello friends! i have to say, this week was one for the record books. in a span of seven days (which went extremely fast, by the way), i/we:

1. had one major stomachache bug breakout at little mr. re-nest #1 and #2's day care...we were fortunate, but still had a touch of something. all is good now, just in time for the weekend.

2. i had my swan song at my 9-5 job...that's right, i'm making a change as of this monday. still in marketing, but on the corporate side and local. i'm a very happy lady. two professional goals = accomplished!

3. little mr. re-nest #2 decided it was finally time to crawl. on all fours. oh, and the same night, he totally decided to reveal he'd been holding back and not only did he crawl on all fours, but then he decided it was time to show off and pull himself up to a standing position on the couch. we're in for it.

4. oh, and i was fortunate enough to get to finish two very special (and very big!) projects for re-nest fans this week! one of those was a twist on a re-nest favorite, made especially for a new little one's nursery!

i had a new fan find my set of three canvases with the small bird graphic, which was just what she was looking for for her new little one's nursery. we talked color (kelly green, by the way!) and away i went with painting and creating!

here's a little peek at the finished pieces...y'all know i'm partial to this color (little mr. re-nest #2's nursery is, after all, this color) but i thought this turned out pretty lovely!

so, so happy and excited these are going to a very special home in georgia!

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