and, it begins....the minion rush!

most of y'all know that not only am i little nutso over home decor, but i am kinda crazy about parties too. kids' birthday parties to be exact. i think that some people might say that i've tended to go a little insane overboard with little mr. re-nest #1's birthday parties. birthday #1 was handy manny. #2 was mickey mouse. #3 was "cars." #4 = "toy story."

#5? i'm getting ready for the minion rush!

and it's just getting started...the invitations are finished and crossed off. and this post is all about sharing those.

i knew we needed minions. i also knew i needed to cut back on party expenses this year because we obviously are going to have a big o-n-e party for little mr. re-nest #2. while i desperately wanted to head to paper source to get my invitation supplies, i knew i could get even more handmade by doing die-cuts myself. so thanks to my silhouette cameo, some googly eyes, and my x-acto kinfe, the minions were born!

the minions! 
the minion backs + envelope
there is so, so, so much more to come...banners and outdoor signs and popcorn cones and cakes....stay tuned. just three more weeks until the big birthday!


my well runneth over

wow. just wow. today was an amazingly awesome, fantastic, supercalifragilistic day. and, i needed to just say thank you.

the front page!
today was a great day. re-nest studio, which is a dream for me, had a great little day getting some new exposure among new friends in my town. many of you saw this today (or came to re-nest studio after reading about me) and this was pretty much one of the biggest things to happen to this little dream of mine.

for those of you new to re-nest studio, welcome. i am so, so, so thrilled and honored that you are here. that you saw something in what i do that resonated with you and your interests and your life. it is my goal to always bring new and exciting home decor ideas to this little community, and to share with you the projects i have up my sleeve that you might like. these will range from the "whoa" to the "i think i could do that," all with the purpose of bringing you something different...a new way to arrange things, or a new color combo that you might never think to blend together, or just something gorgeous to look at. i love pretty things for the home, and i love making pretty things for the home even more!

for those of you who have been along on this journey with me...i have said it before and i will say it again. thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, support and cheers for what i am trying to do. to share lovely home decor ideas and encourage the idea that each and every home should feel like it is yours. to allow me to take the love for crafting that my grandmother instilled in me thirty-plus years ago and grow it and challenge it and make it bigger and better everyday.

to everyone, you are the reason why i am still here. why each and every day i am thinking and scheming planning of new and better ways to bring you cool stuff. why, when all i want to do is go to sleep at night, that i go down to my studio and finish that new project that i can't wait to share with y'all on the store. i want this to grow. and i love that you are all on the ride with me.
thank you. those words don't seem like quite enough. but if you've ever had a passion or a dream or a want, and you've had anyone standing behind you cheering you on, you know what i mean. i can't wait to keep this going for all y'all!

simply said, you are all the bomb. :)

much love to all my re-nest fans,


my favorite things: the early 2014 edition

*note: i highlight a couple of my favorite things in the below post, and i'm doing it on my own. there's no sponsorship involved with any of the items listed below!


i'm so embarrassed that it's taken me this long to get to this post. i've had this one on my list since, well, the end of 2013. every year, i get my hands on some pretty cool stuff at the holidays (yes, as gifts) and i love to share what i am a huge fan of! so, just a few months late, but here are my favorite faves from this past holiday season (and are also great ideas for mother's day, birthdays, anniversaries, or just for any day...)

1. "the perfectly imperfect home"...the fabulous beyond fabulous book by domino magazine (which, by the way, made it's new debut a while back after taking a hiatus). this is not only a lovely hardcover book to have around the home (if you like to use books as decor like i do), but it's also very, very pretty to look at and has some wonderful room and space designs and decor.

2. eames house bird...i realize many might go, "why is this a favorite of yours? it's a bird." yes, it's a bird. but it's not just any bird. you see, mr. re-nest and i are fans of the mid-century modern design team of charles and ray eames. (remember how i'd mentioned my design tastes had changed in this blog post? the designs of charles and ray eames were a pretty big factor in those changes.) well, the draw to the bird started about four years ago when we gifted my amazing brother-in-law (that's you, tony) with one of these for his birthday. and i totally suffered from "i want that" syndrome. but we had just had little mr. re-nest #1 and there were diapers to buy and child care to pay for, so the dream of the bird kind of lapsed. until christmas morning when i opened the box and there was the bird. and i started cracking up laughing. because you see, i had ordered mr. re-nest the same bird for his january birthday (it was on its way at the time). so, now we have two birds.

3. west elm jewelry boxes...okay, so i have literally been asking for a new jewelry box for the past six years. no joke. yes, i did have a jewelry box (so it wasn't like all of my stuff was just thrown about), but it was about fifteen + years old. it was a nice one...back from the hold everything days (does anyone remember hold everything? it was like the pre-container store store that was owned by williams-sonoma....and for anyone who remembers it, there was a store at keystone at the crossing in indy!) so, i came across this great lacquer jewelry box from west elm that i decided i liked. sleek and modern and didn't take up too much space. well, santa brought me one of the larger ones and after moving stuff over to it, i figured out that i needed a little more space. thus the second (and smaller) one you see in this pic (happy birthday to me!)

4. little houses marla sweater...this was such a find. such a great, great find. i have a great friend here in dekalb that introduced me to this adorable and talented etsy artist at little houses clothing. one day we were meeting up for a playdate and she had this adorable knit sweatshirt/jacket on...it was asymmetrical with cool puckers and buttons and just loveliness. so i started shopping. well, looking and choosing my favorite to put on my christmas list. and my favorite just so happened to be called the "marla" sweater. and thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law, my christmas wish came true! and i have to say, this is the most comfortable, well-fitting knit sweater i have ever had. it's super cute and comfy and most importantly, i can throw it on and it has some level of style so i don't feel like a sloppy mommy. (i know someone out there knows what i mean!)

5. kate spade kids china...am i the only one who has a baby china set for my kids? seriously, i'd love to know. because we were gifted with one when little mr. re-nest #1 was still a cookin', and so, we couldn't leave little mr. re-nest #2 hangin'. we got the cutest set of kate spade kids china...the crunch bunch set, and it is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. i love the tiny plate and bowl and cup. (okay, the fact that we have this is really more for me and as a keepsake, but i love having it!)

there you have it, re-nest friends! i'm only three months late with this, but it's here...my fave things from this last holiday season!


pretty much the worst paint job ever

okay, so i've always said that i feel it's really important to share the good and the bad. like when a project i've worked on hasn't turned out like i thought. or when the steps of the project take a fork in the road and i had to learn a little something new in order to get that project finished. or when i set out to do something that i could do in my sleep (like painting a room) and said painting project kind of turns into a hot mess.

which leads me to this post. i wanted to re-paint our dining room. it's been a lovely robin's egg blue for about five years and i wanted to do something a bit warmer (in a cool tone) to give some variation in tone between the dining room and the foyer (because it's kind of one, big giant space). i found the color, bought a gallon of my favorite pittsburgh paints grand distinction eggshell from menards, a new roller, a new roll of painters tape, a new trim brush and set aside the time to get it finished.

the robin's egg dining room. with everything a hot mess before painting.
the whole issue started with the painters tape. there's a new scotch brand blue painters tape that i used. i've had great experience with scotch painters tape in the past so i didn't think i had anything to worry about. it's always worked great for me. until this dining room project. long story short, the stuff didn't stick. to any inch of our trim. i had to go back over every inch of tape and re-apply it, and got it to a point where i thought i could go for it.

fast forward past one sunday morning and two coats later, and tape removal, and BAM. there is paint all over the trim. on the chair rail trim, on the crown molding. so i have a ton of touch ups to do. like, i need to sand down the blue paint on the white trim and then re-paint the trim. awesomesauce.

i will say this: i love the color. it does so much for the room and for the whole downstairs. and having to re-paint trim isn't that big of a deal. it's just more of the feeling of "this-project-isn't-really-finished-yet" thing. i like to paint a room, take the tape off, put everything back and go on my way. that's just the type-a, first-born, impatient part of me. (shocker, i know)

a way warmer (but cooler) color to give some contrast...love!
so, if you need to find me during one of the upcoming weekends, i'll be sanding and painting and touching up the dining room. and making sure it's as perfect as i can make it. until the next time i get the itch to paint it again. :)


a change in taste

i had this thought as i was making our bed this morning, and really looking around our master bedroom at the furniture, the bedding, the decor. my taste in home decor has changed a lot in ten years. sure, i don't think that sounds like a huge revelation, but i think back to our first house and the decor there and where we are now and wow. i feel like i've had a huge lesson in what my tastes really are.

so my question for you is this: have you seen your taste in home decor change over time? and how? 

my contribution to this question is this: ten years ago, i was the pottery barn queen. literally. i worked there part-time (for the discount, of course!) and i scoured the clearance when we marked stuff down to bring more of it into our house. our house had that "pottery barn" feel when it came to color. walls were a light mocha. or deep wine. or chocolate brown. bedding was from pottery barn. (confession: couches were not from there. i couldn't afford it but i found something way more economical in that classic pottery barn-esque feel...a sage green velvet overstuffed couch and chair.) did i like it? of course i did. i was making modest money (like very modest money) and mr. re-nest was in school full-time, working on becoming dr. re-nest. but our home was our home and i needed it to feel like home for us. and home to me at the time felt like a pottery barn store, circa 2002. (note: don't get me wrong - pottery barn is a very nice store. they have lovely things. but i've just seen my taste evolve to a place where my entire house doesn't have to feel or look like one of the stores. oh, and i should say that this entire time, pottery barn was not mr. re-nest's taste at all. but he just let me go with it. another reason he's the bestest. i should also say this: that dining room table, chairs and entertaining console below? it's still in our house. i do love that set so, so much.)

the eat-in kitchen. the pottery barn discount came in handy to get that dining table/chairs/entertaining console.
the great room. and the big green couch.
the kitchen. i had dreamed of having dark red walls...not a fun paint job.
and suddenly, when we bought the re-nest house in 2007, i went towards the cool greys and blues for the house (obviously) and pottery barn was replaced with west elm, crate and barrel and ikea. and i still just love it. maybe i needed to be surrounded by calming, soothing colors. maybe i had started to expand my design taste. whatever it was, i'm glad it happened. i still look back on these pictures above and am so proud of what we did with our little space to make it feel like a home. 

i would love to hear from you: have you seen your design tastes change? how? 
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