my baby turned five

phew. it's still really hard to believe i'm saying the words, "my oldest son is five." five? but, he was just handed to me like, yesterday, at 4:30 in the morning after twenty-two hours of the hardest work ever. but you know what? he's such an amazing little person, so smart, so well-spoken, so curious, and so happy with life. he's five. and he has so much fun ahead of him.

enough of the sentimental stuff, let's get on to the party stuff! like i mentioned in this post, little mr. re-nest #1 clearly stated he wanted a "despicable me" birthday party...so i started becoming a minion maniac mama. invitations were taken care of (shared here in this post), but we had cake, food, banners, table covers and beverages to figure out. no joke, i had a five page list that i carried everywhere with me. you know, so if i found myself with five minutes to kill in a parking lot waiting for someone, i could log on to etsy and take care of ordering whatever crazy cool thing i needed (confession: yes, i did this.)

so, without further ado, here we go. join me on the tour of little mr. re-nest #1's fifth "minion rush" bash! (beware: there's a ton of pics! and, a list of credits/helpers at the end!)

the box of shame + bananas + party hats for the minions
noah's candy bar
the minion treat bags!
lots 'o sugar :)
the dum-dum topiaries + our minion friend
anyone know who this is?
the mantle banner
floating minions!
the cake! (and gru) :) awesome and totally yummy!
cake by polka dot bakery in sycamore

shrunken moon cake pops! amazingly delicious and fabulous!
cake pops by sugar grubbin' in sycamore
noah is 5!
custom water bottles
the watermelon minion monster! found on pinterest
and, by far, my favorite piece of the party: the cookie robot!

i could not have pulled this off without the help and amazing talent of some great friends:

two-tier polka dot cake: polka dot bakery, sycamore, illinois
shrunken moon cake pops: sugar grubbin', sycamore, illinois
all candy bar candy: oriental trading
despicable me water bottle labels: SIVcreations on etsy
banner design + creation: re-nest studio
watermelon monster minion: noah's mama
custom, handmade, hand-engineered cookie robot with LED: mr. re-nest

*as a note, for any fans checking this out locally in northern illinois, i have to give major, major props to both polka dot bakery and sugar grubbin'. both are amazingly wonderful to work with and make fantastic cakes and cake pops for parties. highly, highly recommend!

we had a fabulous day celebrating our little man turning five! 



monsters are adorable!

y'all know i love an adorable nursery. add to that that the nursery is for a mama and daddy's first little one, and they happen to be fans of the "monsters, inc." series (which i was only just introduced to this past year by little mr. re-nest #1), and we had an awesome combo for some adorable nursery decor.

a great friend of mine is the sister to the mama-to-be, and she asked me to make one of my baby mobiles for her nephew-to-be's nursery. flattered? um, yes. totally excited to be a part of a new one's room? double yes.
photo courtesy of babiesrus.com

we started with the baby's bedding. the mama and daddy had decided to go with cocalo's peek-a-boo monsters set, which is adorable! i then went to work to find different styles of monsters we could use for the mobile. there are tons of options out there for monsters, but we had to make sure these little guys were cute and cuddly...and i was trying to give a little nod to the "mike" and "sully" characters from the movies. another piece of the design? i deliberately was trying to not be too matchy-matchy when it came to how the monsters looked compared to the monsters on the bedding. i wanted colors to of course follow, but i like when there's variation on how a theme looks in a room. :)

i so love the way this turned out...cute little monsters to add a little extra something to this sweet little boy's nursery! and, what was even better, i was able to meet the adorable mama-to-be on easter and she was so excited about the mobile! i so love being able to make something special to make a nursery truly unique!

hope you love!



for the mamas out there...

a couple of weeks ago, i was designing and thinking and planning where and what else i wanted to do and offer on the etsy store. i always come across tons of kiddos ideas, but i was really trying to challenge myself to think of designs that would mean something to the parents. and then i realized, mother's day is coming up. what better time to create a new piece that is for the mamas out there that work tirelessly for their little (and not-so-little) ones?

i've come across a lot of pieces that honor mamas...and i wanted to do something a little different. use a classic line, but give it a different, modern and delicate look. something that could go in a family room, in a bedroom, in a kitchen, or in a mama's office. combining the modern touch of a brushstroke pattern with a more delicate, modern font and finish it off with a handmade, paper pansy with a touch of sparkle in the middle. 

...and with that, i'm excited to introduce (in time for mother's day!), the "home is where mom is" canvas wall art. this one, done in dark grey, white lettering and a violet pansy...but of course, it can be customized to any color scheme! officially, it is now available on the etsy store for orders here!

hope you love the latest addition to the re-nest family! and, remember...mother's day is coming up!


marking a memory

i have a really fantastic friend here in dekalb that i've gotten to know really well in the last couple of years. we met through a mom's group and uniquely, little mr. re-nest #1 and her little boy were born eight days apart. they have since labeled themselves "best friends." (which i think is just the cutest thing to hear!) anyway, this friend of mine and her family have always been so, so supportive of re-nest studio, and she is a huge etsy fan...i love hearing from her about the new shops she finds and the cool things that i don't see on there!

about a year ago, i did one of the special dates wall art framed pieces for her to give to her husband as a surprise. and being a creative lady herself, she came to me last fall and asked me if i'd be willing to do something for her that i didn't have in my shop. it took me about half a second to say "of course!" 

when we met to chat about the piece, here's what i knew: i had a large frame (she provided it) with three five-by-seven openings, one adorable photo of her two little ones from a family photo shoot, and two sets of coordinates that she wanted incorporated into the piece. we talked through colors to use on the coordinates and settled on a background of a neutral grey/stone color with the coordinates in a very, very, very pale grey (both of which pulled out colors from the photo perfectly!)

i went to work, and we came up with the finished piece...which i love because: 

1. this is unlike anything anyone else will have in their home.

2. this photo and these coordinates mean something very, very special to this special family. that, by itself, is why i do this.

3. i love when friends have an idea of something they want and i can help make it a reality for them. this was the perfect collaboration!

4. it's just a fantastic idea. everyone has special places that mean something to them, and coordinates are such a very cool way to mark those places!

i was so honored to do this for this special family...and to know this will be a piece that is kept is such a great feeling!

like this idea? or have an idea of your own that you'd love to have in your home? i love to help make ideas come to life. send me a note and we'll start creating!
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