the great cake smash!

alright, so coming up on little mr. re-nest #2's first birthday, i realized i had a total mom fail. besides the photos taken in the hospital, somehow almost twelve months went by before i had a professional picture taken of little mr. re-nest #2. somewhere around month 11, i did finally book our dear friend, and family photographer, to take some family pics of us…which turned out amazing, and i’m still trying to figure out which ones to order because they are all so awesome. i finally felt a little less guilt (because lord knows i don’t want to be met ten years from now with, “why aren’t there as many pictures of me?”)

then, i came across this totally new (to me, not so much to other in-tune mamas), and obviously exciting idea, for little ones' first birthdays: the cake smash photo session. oh no, this isn’t just taking pics of the little one smashing his face in a cake at his birthday party. this is a completely separate session which involves a diaper cover, a tie of some sort (bow or otherwise), and a cake where the little one just goes to town. maybe i was living in a hole five years ago when little mr. re-nest #1 was born, but i had never even thought of this. i actually met another local mom, who is also a photographer, and she does these cake smash sessions ….since the mommy guilt was at code red levels for not having enough professional photos of little mr. re-nest #2, i dived in. 

little mr. re-nest #2's cake smash outfit!
i went about scouring etsy for the perfect diaper cover and tie. i found it from so stinkn cute out of georgia. she had a custom set that she did with the “very hungry caterpillar” dot pattern fabric, and she did an amazingly adorable “1” birthday hat too. order placed. 

then, i figured since i was making all of the party decorations for the big one bash, why not try and get a little extra mileage out of them in a photo shoot? like a total crazy mom, i e-mailed with the photographer (who likely thought i was total crazy cakes) but she was amazing and totally welcoming of my bringing my little things to try and incorporate into the shoot.

shoot day. it was a tuesday night after work/day care. we had two outfits: a normal one + his full on smash suit. i’m not kidding you, somehow, someway, mr. re-nest + i have produced two children who l-o-v-e the camera (i should probably be totally scared out of my mind at this). it’s like they know what to do. he’s a year old. he was totally posing. and can you say, turning on the charm? uh, yeah.

so, here i present to you, little mr. re-nest #2’s one year cake smash photo shoot. so. much. fun. i look at these and can’t believe that we get to live with and squeeze and feed and bathe this adorableness every single day. (oh, and bless sara’s heart…she even wiggled in some of my party d├ęcor into the shoot.)

*photo credits: all of the photos below were taken by the wonderfully talented sara jennings of sara jennings photography. find more of her work on facebook here.



a father's day reveal

hi y'all! i was just looking back at my calendar and i can't believe i haven't posted in over two weeks! what is wrong with me?!?! well, here i am. back at it. and i have something really cool and sweet and lovely to share. a little something that the boys + i put together for mr. re-nest for father's day 2014.

father's day is so tough for me. mr. re-nest basically gets whatever he wants for himself at any time throughout the year. tools. no go. he has everything. car stuff. nope (basically because it wouldn't be a surprise because i know nothing about anything that he wants.) so, where do i go to? clothes. yep. boring clothes. but he does get kind of stoked about going out shopping and having it all about him (he won't admit that but i know he secretly does!)

so, friday night of father's day weekend, we packed up the kids, tons of food, lots of toys, plenty of apple juice, the stroller and we took off for the outlet mall. (we have a pretty dang awesome outlet mall up in these parts...the only thing is that if you have kids or no patience, it doesn't serve you well to go on a weekend.) it was a shopping spree for mr. re-nest. (note: one thing i've learned with kids. trying things on no longer occurs with kids. you just buy. and you return. i apologize to the stores i buy from for being the serial returner.) and, i'm happy to say that i think he had a pretty good time. it was all about him which i think he liked. (okay, i confess, i might have picked up a few things in there for me too...but it was all about him!)

sunday was the day that the boys + i got to give him his handmade, special gift, which was my fave part. y'all know we have a special dates piece in our great room, that mr. re-nest got for our wedding anniversary four years ago. well, it didn't include little mr. re-nest #2's birthday, and we couldn't have that.

the new special dates wall art. in it's home on the gallery wall.
and, the big reveal....the new special dates wall art for our living room! featuring all of our family's important dates that got us to where we are. it makes me smile seeing it on our wall. and little mr. re-nest #1 was so, so very excited to give this to daddy (note: he art directed the piece. i just did the execution.)

in fact, this new design has been added to the re-nest studio etsy store...i actually really like the reversed out feel of the white overlay on the dark grey and the more modern feel of the type!

hope you had a lovely father's day celebrating the special guys in your life! 

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