what an amazing ride this holiday season has been for my little etsy store! i can't even describe how wonderful it has been....and how much true love i have felt for my work + what i do! this will be the first of two special posts about two very special (surprise!) projects that i was asked to do for re-nest fans' loved ones for the holidays! to say that i was honored is an understatement!

the first up...a dear friend of mine (and huge re-nest supporter!) asked me a bit ago to do a custom framed print for her husband, who is a massive fan of ole miss (that would the university of mississippi to those of us not familiar!) not only is he a massive fan, but he's also an alumni, which i think is totally cool! so, we got to work....

one of the designs we reviewed together!
my dear friend mentioned to me that she'd like the piece to read "my heart belongs to oxford" and of course, be in the school colors of red and dark blue with a dark brown frame to match their decor. no problem...i got to work putting together several layouts of ways we could go. everything included a cutout of the state of mississippi and different ways we could orient the text and colors we could use. so much fun! 

we settled on a layout, and i got to work and finished up with what i think is a really lovely looking (and masculine) piece for this very special ole miss fan! and, the best part is that he loved it when he opened it on christmas! how special is that?!?!

the finished piece!


re-nest studio goes boutique (and, why i heart social media!)

if mr. re-nest read that title, he would laugh his butt off. no joke. he and i have an ongoing debate over social media....the time spent on it, its worth, how it changes relationships....it's a healthy debate (he's anti-social media as the world's last facebook holdout) that i don't think will ever end. my side of things? well, i'm in marketing. i believe in social media. i believe in it's ability to create connections, to help build brands, to help inform people, to help develop relationships. and for re-nest, social media is my way to get the word out to all y'all about what i'm doing, where i'm going and to share with you. so, yeah, i love it.

and, there was no better day that proved the very power of social media than the day of the st. mary's 2nd annual holiday shopping event here in sycamore, illinois. i had a booth there and while the event was going on, a lovely woman came up to me and said "oh my goodness, i was looking for you! i saw your work shared on another friend of mine's facebook page, and i just had to come see you in person!" first off: mind blown. we had an amazing conversation, and turns out, she is one of the owners of an adorable boutique in downtown sycamore. by the time our conversation was over, names + phone numbers had been exchanged, and she wanted to talk more about giving me the chance to have my work in their store! again: mind blown.

fast forward a couple of weeks and here we are to today. officially, as of today, i am so unbelieveably excited and honored and over-the-moon to share that several of my re-nest studio pieces are being featured at SIS - Shop In Style in downtown sycamore, illinois! this year has just been so incredible, and to have this happen to finish off the year is totally the icing on the cake!

so to start things off in my display, i'm going to share a couple of my very faves from the re-nest shop! all available for custom order, of course! if you happen to be around my area of town, please stop in to SIS, say hello, check out the amazing clothing + accessories and my little display in the window. we all love you for it!


a southern chic engagement soiree!

long time, no see, blog fans! life has been a-happenin' over in these parts, and i just have been working to keep up! but, this weekend wrapped up one of the last big events of the year for me, and i just had to share all of the goodness with y'all! 

welcome to the ins-and-outs of the engagement soiree that i've been planning. which happened to be for my sister + her awesome fiance! 

so, what did we do? well, thinking about my sister + what she loves, and of course, talking to her about what her fiance likes too, we came down to a theme we called "southern chic." (feel free to see ideas i pulled together here on my pinterest boards!) i had this vision in my head of burlap, natural elements like branches, and of course, ball jars. and, admittedly, i had a couple of projects on my wish list that i have been waiting to make (can you say a fabric banner?!?)

let's just jump right in to the pics + details, shall we?

welcoming our guests! a simple tulle wrapped wreath
with a twine-wrapped "c"
(for the happy couple's soon-to-be last name!)
accenting the front porch with some lighted ball jars!
a fresh eucalyptus wreath + handmade fabric banner
in the entryway
the paper love banner
the beverage + dessert station!
to us, a "southern chic" party called for some really
fantastic personalized koozies! these were custom
made from rookdesignco on etsy!
who doesn't love a huge monogram on a beverage bucket?
monogram love!
there is nothing i love more than these ball jars, which were
perfect to enjoy the rudolph's tipsy spritzer from southern living magazine!
sent with love from london! aren't these shortbread cookies from
sweet dream desserts & catering so cute?
the adorable bride-to-be enjoying her cocktail!
and, to wrap up....another delicious cookie for guests! a special thanks to
polka dot bakery for these fantastic sweets!

hope you enjoyed! we sure had a fabulous time + loved every minute of the party! 

source list:

rudolph's tipsy spritzer: southern living magazine

beverage supply/planning/coordination: lundeen's liquors. i can't say enough about lundeen's...what i know about liquor, i can fit on one pinky finger. i found the recipe, and called my friends at lundeen's here in sycamore and they took care of it all....they figured out how much i needed, what i needed, put it together and all i had to do was stop by and pick it all up. if you are local to northern illnois, please give lundeen's your support! they are amazing!

initial cookies: sweet dream desserts & catering, sycamore, illinois

snowflake cookies: polka dot bakery, sycamore, illinois

personalized monogram koozies: rookdesignco on etsy. again, amazing to work with!
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