everything is awesome: the party invites!

y'all know this....i love making party invitations. while right now is one of the biggest times of the year in our house, i always, always, always look forward to it. i spend months gathering ideas + inspiration + figuring out party themes...and then, i make a trek to paper source in naperville once i have some sort of idea in my head as to what i want to do. (can you say "happy place?")

and, while i usually wait to share party details until the party is over, i just can't help it with little mr. re-nest #1's sixth birthday party! i just finished his birthday party invites + i had to share (and don't worry....the rest of the party details will come!)

this year, the party theme is of course "the lego movie"....anything + everything that i can incorporate that involves "emmet," "wyld style," and of course, "everything is awesome" is on the agenda for this year's party. i knew i had to figure out a way to make the invitation look like a lego brick, and between my friends at paper source + lucky little prints on etsy, this year's invitation came together quite nicely!

want to know the deets? here they are!

* inside invitation: design by lucky little prints on etsy, printed at wal-mart

* invitation enclosure: design by me :) enclosure + envelope stock from paper source in night + red.

* lego "peg" die-cut with silhouette studio + adhered with photo spacers.

i can't wait to get everything else together for the big party in the middle of april! and, share it here too! be ready for lego-mania! 


a mudroom spruce up

i admit, i have a list of "someday" projects for the re-nest house that is about a mile long. organize closets. get the boys' clothes put away that they've outgrown. make the laundry room more functional. clean out cabinets. and, until this weekend, one of the projects that was on the list for almost 365 days was to put down flor carpet tiles in our mudroom. 

you see, the mudroom is the hub of our house. (not surprising.) for eight years, i've fought with having a runner, trying it without a runner, using a runner with a sticky pad underneath it...and nothing worked. everything that is in that very hub of our house gets disgustingly dirty (especially in the winter), and nothing stays in one spot. 

flor has been on my list of must-trys ever since my early adopter brother-in-law put it in his home about a million years ago. (he really has the BEST taste in home design!) it's just so awesome. carpet tiles that come in a rainbow of colors + patterns + textures, that allow you to design your very own combination carpet/rug...um, sign me up! well, it took a while, but i finally found a reason and the mudroom was it.

no kidding, almost one year ago, i placed the order (i even checked the shipment record this weekend when i busted open the box. i ordered it on 3.22.14. sad.) granted, i wasn't going for the top-of-the-line stuff...it's a mudroom, so i was looking for something functional, that would stay in one spot, that wouldn't show dirt, and that would still look kinda cool. (let's just say much better than the indoor/outdoor plastic carpet squares that mr. re-nest was jokingly trying to talk me into!)

this weekend ended up being the weekend. a couple of things prompted it:

1. i was tired of having random carpet squares floating in the mudroom (because i should have mentioned that to "test" them out, we threw a couple out in the mudroom a l-o-n-g time ago, "just to see.") ugh.

2. the mudroom closet was becoming an eye-sore. literally, my eyes hurt every time i opened it. mostly because i was petrified that if i got a coat out of the closet in just the right way, that a tennis racket + a lifetime supply of light bulbs were going to come crashing on my head.

3. i had a rare, open portion of time when little mr. re-nest #1 was occupied, and little mr. re-nest #2 was napping, so i seized it. 

i will tell you, installing the flor tiles was very easy...they give you these awesome adhesive stickers that you use to make sure the tiles stick together (without any adhesive on the floor), and basically all you need besides that is a really, really sharp utility knife and a square. 

between the cleaning out the closet, laying the flor tiles + adding my last little touch of wall decor, in an afternoon, our mudroom got a nice little spruce up, don't you think?


a dedication to #DMB

so, i promised lots of new stuff from the studio this week, and i hope i’m delivering for you! a while back, one of my very favorite local mamas sent me a message, asking me if i could help her out. her family has a line of lyrics from one very fabulous dave matthews song that is very special to them, and she wanted to do something to display them in her home.

we chatted about colors and canvas vs. framed, size, patterns (i was even able to take a look-see at her great room + decor while picking up little mr. re-nest #1 from her daughter’s birthday party!)….and I got to sketching. for some reason, the place where she was going to feature this piece, and the awesome cabinet that it was going to go over, just made me think “stripes.”

not only was i totally crushing on the stripes idea, but i loved the color palette….turquoise, lots of shades of grey, light greens, white. and, for fonts, i wanted to go with scripts and sans serifs…i’m just a big fan of combining fonts in different sizes to make a piece really unique!

the piece came together really nicely (except for one little trip up with a script font that just wasn’t working!), and it looks absolutely fabulous in my friend’s home!

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