pretty much the best saturday ever

okay, that might be me being a little dramatic. but barely. this summer for us has been a lot of hard work, work around the house, going here and there, but no real getaways. no vacation this summer. but with a few short weeks left before school is back in session + very few weekends without anything planned, i had one, single solitary item on my summer bucket list that i wanted to check off….

now, we have lived just a mere 90 minutes away from madison for the past eight years, and we’ve never ventured there. not sure why. but getting up to madison has always been a goal of mine. and, then at the beginning of summer, a chance sighting on facebook totally changed the priority of getting to madison: a post by cooking light magazine, showed that madison has one of the best farmer’s markets in the country. what?!? 

and, then my single item summer bucket list was filled. i had to get to madison.

we had an open weekend so i seized it.

and, we had a blast. we just went up for the day, and i had one goal: get a giant, beautiful bouquet of flowers. check. everything else in our haul was just bonus for me!

our haul from the market!

little mr. re-nest #1's takeaway! tie-dye shirts!

i have to highly recommend this for anyone who’s ever in the general madison area on a saturday to go, go, go! this was simply one of the best days ever, and the haul we brought home was so worth the drive and the wait! 

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