happy tears!

oh my word. just wow. wow, wow, wow.

my booth! i love how bright it is :)
this is a post of total + complete gratitude and love and hugs. if you happened to see over on my
instagram account, or on facebook, that i was part of the sycamore pumpkin fest autumn craft + treasures market this weekend, that's what still has me completely floored.

this weekend was simply incredible.

i've done craft events before. i've even done this same event before. and it was never like this. there was a moment on saturday, at the end of the day, when i had my sally field moment from when she won an oscar for "places in the heart." (okay, maybe that's kind of overexaggerating....but that's my best way to describe it!) except it wasn't on a stage, or wearing black tie, it was in my car, on my way home to my boys, after day #1. i just had a moment, where in one rush of emotion, all of the work, and design time, and lack of sleep, and deep want, to make re-nest studio something special, came to the surface. and i started crying. happy tears.

a smirky selfie! early mornings + late evenings,
but 100% worth it!
i love doing this. i love creating. i love having a new mama or grandma or aunt come to me and ask for one of my designs to be placed in a new baby's nursery. i adore having the chance to make pieces that mean something for someone's home. i know i say this all of the time, but i really mean it, and i love you all for being on this incredibly cool journey with me.

with that, thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. thank you for every like on facebook, for asking me how it's going when you see me, for wanting to be along on this ride, for thinking of me when it comes time for that special gift or something cool for your home.

so, now i'm happy to say that i've got some really cool pieces to work on over the next couple of weeks! and, i can't wait to share!

p.s. if you want to see more pics of the weekend, be sure to check out my new album on my facebook page! xoxo! 


re-nest life / the #tealpumpkinproject

halloween is almost upon us, and i know kiddos + families are busy getting pumpkins ready for next week's tricks + treats! most of you know that food allergies are a near + dear cause to our little family's heart. we manage it every day + we are super pumped and prepped for halloween fun! in fact, his recent allergist check-up was encouraging for us.

in case you haven't seen it on the "today show," on buzzfeed, or on ashton kutcher's facebook page, there's a little campaign out there by FARE (food allergy research + education) called the teal pumpkin project.  and, of course it combines a cause that's dear to us + crafting, so how could we not jump on the bandwagon?

in case you haven't heard about the teal pumpkin project, here's the deal: if you're so
the latest additions to our front porch!
inclined, you paint a pumpkin (real or fake) the color teal and place it on your front porch. what this means is that your home is giving away allergy-friendly treats for trick-or-treating!

i know this is a shift in thinking, and by no means am i advocating that your home should not also pick up some regular candy treats too. we'll have candy at our house for halloween night. but we'll also have some non-candy stuff too. and, for extra precaution, the non-candy stuff won't be in the same bowl as the other stuff. and, after doing this same thing last year, i can honestly attest that our trick-or-treaters didn't even notice the two bowls and they went for the non-candy treats more than they did the candy stuff (and we do give good candy....not yuck candy!)

photo courtesy of food allergy research + education
we have our front porch ready for this year, after the boys + i sat down last weekend and painted our pumpkins teal! and, after sharing about this great campaign a couple of times, i've been so touched to have been approached by so many friends, asking what kind of candy or non-candy treats they can make sure to have at the ready for kids who might have allergies. so, i also wanted to share a really helpful list from FARE with some fantastic ideas for treat options!

i know this isn't for everyone, and that's cool. but if you're looking for a fun project to do with the kids, and are willing to share it on your front porch, that helps to get the word out, and might help make a child smile on halloween (and i mean, who doesn't love a great glow-in-the-dark necklace??)

p.s. for more information on the #tealpumpkinproject and FARE's efforts this halloween, please do check out http://www.foodallergy.org/! xoxo!


why i stopped decorating for every season (a confession)

i have kind of a shocking confession....as someone who loves home décor, who loves the holidays + who champions making your home yours....

i no longer decorate for every season. as in, i don't have a stash of fall/halloween/thanksgiving decorations that i put out.

(i'll pause here for dramatic effect)

i used to. i used to have all sorts of stuff that i would pull out when fall came around. i brought out seasonal candles, i changed pillow covers in our great room, i swapped out blankets + throws, and i had knick-knacks that would be set up in cute little vignettes in our house. (mr. re-nest loved this, let me tell you!)

somewhere along the way, i just stopped. i can't pinpoint when it was (maybe when little mr. re-nest #1 was born? maybe when we moved from indiana to illinois, and a "great purge" happened?) all i know is that i still have one or two seasonal candles that i'll pull out on a weekend, fall day (you know, those cool, overcast days that are my fave) and that's kind of it.

the front porch. excuse the lovely
electrical cord. :)
now, maybe you're saying "what about pumpkins? don't your kids like pumpkins?" yes, we do pumpkins on the front porch. a couple of years ago, in a moment of guilt, i even went to hobby lobby with little mr. re-nest #1 and we got some little halloween decorations for our front porch, so those go out. besides that, the boys do have those fun halloween window clings from the target dollar spot that they play with on the back patio door for the season, and then at the end, i do get rid of them (because they're generally ripped, covered in food bits + fuzz....yuck). and, i can also promise you that we also do get a little crafty with our pumpkins, especially since our family pledges to take part in the teal pumpkin project! (keep an eye out on facebook for these fun photos soon!)

so, it's pretty much the front porch, until the day after thanksgiving, and then. it's. on. i think at last count, i have twelve of those large rubbermaid bins filled with holiday decorations. three trees. wreaths. table settings (for a table we never use). chair ties. outdoor lights. candles. stockings. banners. it all comes out. and, it's my most favorite time of the year!

for now, i love looking at pinterest + my instagram feed at everyone else's fall decorations (and let me tell you, there's some great ones out there!) and, i'll wait until november 27 for all of my decoration hub-bub to begin!

tell me: how about you? do you go all out for fall/halloween/thanksgiving?


it's time: the great master bath renewal

so, i mentioned in my post on the laundry room refresh that i can be kind of a procrastinator....actually, let me defend clarify a bit: when it comes to house projects that i'm just "not feeling" (read: yard work, unloading the dishwasher), it is extremely hard for me to start these projects. it's not that i don't realize that these are requirements of a home-owning adult, it's just tough.

our master bathroom has fallen into this category.

yes, i have pretty much tackled every other possible project in the house that i could, just so i didn't have to tackle this one. i'm not sure if i was secretly wishing that some day i'd come home and it was the spa oasis i wanted, or whether time was an issue, or whether just plain 'ol, pure inspiration was the issue. (i think it was a combo.) so, after watching no fewer than 1500 episodes of "bath crashers," the time has come. (oh, and also there's been coaxing by mr. re-nest....for example, the convo that went down about two weeks ago....see below.)

mr. re-nest: "um, so are we ever going to actually paint this bathroom. you painted that grey swatch on the wall about four years ago, i kind of think it's time."

me: "yes. i'll get to it."

mr. re-nest: "and, you remember that dremel tool set you had to have four Christmases ago, which was to be used for this bathroom. it's still sitting down in the work area, unwrapped."

me: "yeah, i know. i'll get to it."

mr. re-nest (more emphatically, with more love in his voice): "okay, you need to just do it. we have the tools and the tile to replace the tile you hate. set a date." (i knew he meant business at this point. that grey paint swatch was really getting to him.)

so, this weekend is time. the dremel is coming out. the tile is coming out. the bathroom is being shut down. i'm going to knock this out one bit at a time, so it doesn't feel so overwhelming. and, after searching pinterest for about three hours, i think i might, just might, finally have a vision for this bathroom to make it look a little less beige + more like us.

so, before the work begins, i thought i'd take you on a little video tour of this bathroom....which by the way, we don't have to do anything more than just cosmetic stuff to, but dang, cosmetic bathroom "stuff" adds up. we're trying to do this on a budget too. (aren't we all?!?) 

so, here goes nothin'. i'm diving in head first, and we'll see how this comes out on the other side!
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