my two favorite things: home + family

if you keep tabs on the latest + greatest on my facebook page, you hopefully saw my super exciting news about the re:craft & relic show coming up in april! i'm so, so excited + i've been working, working, working on new designs + pieces to share. 

and, because i know so many won't be able to make the trek to franklin, wisconsin in a couple of months, i'll be sharing here the new designs i put together that i'll have for sale that weekend!

maybe you've seen one of my fave new pieces in the shop: the home customized canvas....well, i decided to take this one a little further + make some variations of it! all of these can have the photo clips added or kept off, and color can always be customized!

so, here they are....making their debut here + at the re:craft & relic event, april 23-24 in franklin, wisconsin!

the family customized canvas....in grey + white + burnt orange!

and, i kept creating + designing, and also came up with a new home customized canvas too! this one features an olive green acrylic brushstroke background, with chocolate brown and white lettering!

i can't wait to share more of my new designs with you, as i stock up + get closer to the re:craft & relic event in april! 


football + food!

who's watching the big game with me this weekend? i admit, i'm not a huge football fan. let's put it this way: i have two boys, and mr. re-nest and i have agreed (since wayyyyy before we were married), that that will be one permission slip we won't sign. i just can't do it. and, i don't think we'll have to worry about it...i can't see football + my boys meshing. but we always do watch the big game....(confession: i watch for the commercials!)

okay, back to the big game. we will be rooting for the denver broncos, because we are massive peyton fans. the boys will be sporting their manning jerseys.

and, then it will be up to this mama to make some food + goodies for the big game!

y'all know how much i love trying to make kid-friendly, easy + healthy goodies....and the super bowl is the mecca of trying to have good food + fun!

i've been working on a couple of ideas for my sunday game day meal prep + wanted to share and maybe inspire your super bowl menu!

our super bowl menu:

skinny baked mozzarella sticks from skinnytaste

i just did a test run with these last weekend. i mean, i can't be the only person who loves mozzarella sticks, right? and, we all know they aren't the best thing for us to eat, right? the recipe from skinnytaste is super easy, and takes about 45 minutes. a couple of tips before you make these:

1. slice up your cheese sticks first, then put them in the freezer. my freezer was running pretty cold at the time and my cheese was ready to prep after about 15 minutes in the freezer.

2. the recipe calls for an egg, but if you're like me and only have egg whites, these work just fine!

taco roll-ups from frugaldebtfreelife.com

i admit, i have not yet tried this recipe. game day will be my first shot at these. but they look awesome (um, can you say they're a copy cat off of a chili's recipe?) + mexican food is always welcome in our house! to make these mama-friendly, i'll likely make some with flour tortillas + corn tortillas (for me), and whenever anything calls for rice, i do brown rice. and, we'll use ground turkey in ours too! these just look like the perfect main dish for game day, and i know all of my boys will love these too! 

and, because i'm kind of obsessed with making sure all three of my boys get balance in their diets, i'll also put together a super simple veggie plate (with baby carrots, sliced mini cucumbers + cherry tomatoes....surprisingly, when i present this to them as an appetizer, they start noshing right away!). and, i'll probably use up the pineapple, oranges, + some apples to make some little fruit kebobs too! 

tell me: what's on your super bowl menu for tomorrow? and, who are you rooting for?!? happy game day, y'all!

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