spring crafting (+ march madness!)

it's no secret: i am a massive march madness fan. like, huge. okay, so not to the level of the mom in that buffalo wild wings commercial (which mr. re-nest + i still can't figure out the meaning behind that ad....), but let's say that the reason we got our first flat screen tv wasn't because of mr. re-nest....it was because of march madness + my love of it.

these days, i find when i'm watching games, i tend to work on projects at the same time. i'm a busy body. i can't just sit + watch a game. maybe it calms my nerves or something too. 

today's project (during the iu vs. kentucky game)? a new springtime wreath for the front door of the re-nest house! 

i admit, we were still sporting our winter wreath with the christmas greens wreath + monogram on the door. i did some digging for inspiration, and came across one of my very favorite wreaths at target: a smith + hawken boxwood wreath. the color, the texture, the simplicity all seemed perfect to combine with our white "m" that i wanted to repurpose from our wintertime wreath!

combined with a little two-inch burlap ribbon + some grey half-inch satin ribbon, we have a simple, new springtime look for our home's entry! happy springtime!


a little #wip!

that stands for "work in progress"....not that "whip and nae nae" song that everyone is so crazy about. :) (i'm such a nerd that i don't think i've even seen what the dance or song is...is it a song? a dance? someone help a sister out here....)

okay, so back to the project that is in progress...did i mention this one is quite the giant project? a while back (and i mean a while back), a good friend of mine asked if i would consider taking her daughter's favorite bed time book and bringing it to life on canvas. would i? of course!

the first thing i did was get my hands on the book, which happens to be "a you're adorable," by martha alexander. because this book had to get back to its sweet owner asap, i took pics on my phone (of every single page), so that i had all of the pages, content + colors for reference. then it came time to do the layout....which was interesting, given we knew this was gonna be a big piece!

we started out thinking this was going to be an 18" x 24" canvas, so i got to work putting the design together in my silhouette design studio program. and, i quickly figured out that we were going to have to go bigger....to a 24" x 36" canvas. (wowza!) once the design was all set in the design program, it was time to start painting!

i love the color palette this mama has chosen for her daughter's big girl room....lots of bright, bold colors! magenta, orange, turquoise, purples + green! seeing these colors, i knew i wanted to go with bold stripes.

so, here's the wip....stripes are almost finished (it takes three coats of paint per stripe!). and, next up, the words will start getting cut and placed! i can't wait to continue to see this come together!

tell me: does your family have a super special book that your child loves?

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