my bucket list: high point market

i am a lucky girl. for a lot of reasons. i have an amazing family, friends, support system, great health, a job i love, and just overall feel really, really blessed. 

i also have two bucket lists. 

a sporting event one (yes, i'm not kidding with this one). and a general one. 

the general one is kind of random. travel to italy. see spain. someday live in north carolina. someday go to the high point furniture market in high point, north carolina. 

yeah, you read that last one right. 

the high point market instagram page. check it out.
seriously. it's gorgeous.
high point, north carolina is generally known as one of the major furniture capitals of the world. and, the high point market is like an overdose of all things home, furniture, and decor for a home-obsessed fanatic like me. it's seriously six days of home overload (from what i've heard.) 

so, you see, getting to high point as just someone who loves home decor isn't easy. from what i understand, you can't just go on their website, get tickets, and all is great. there's rules for who can attend.

this is where the greatness + more of what a lucky girl i am comes in. i happen to work for a pretty amazing marketing + advertising agency, and i manage a lot of social media for our clients. one of those clients happens to be a locally owned furniture store. and during a recent meeting with them, the market came up, i happened to mention that going to high point is on my bucket list (to which my boss looked at me and said, "seriously?"), and then he proceeded to offer to send me along with our great client to help them along with some of their social media efforts. 

needless to say, i took him up on that offer. 

i'm stoked. like, seriously. i'm going to have four days of getting to see the market with my client, gathering awesome new trends for their marketing and social media, and checking off one very big item on my bucket list. did i mention that i'm a lucky girl?

one week from today, i'll be checking out the latest trends, colors, textures, styles + more at the high point market! and, i'll be working on a little post post-market to bring a little bit o' high point to you!

p.s. if you want a peek into all things high point, be sure to follow them over on instagram


renest life // are you there God? it's me, ashley

***warning: this is post all about potty training, i won't get gross (because deep down, i am a lady filled with decorum), but if you haven't dealt with the drama that is potty training yet, proceed with caution. and, if you continue to read, i'm so glad you are here! oh, and i've written this over the course of a week....forgive me. i've been potty training. and, as i write this, i feel like i might need a little divine intervention.

phase 1: friday

the close of day #1. enough said.
i'm starting this post two glasses into a bottle of champagne on a friday night. a friday which the
mr. and i took off of work to embark on what is known as the "three day potty training boot camp." first, if you aren't yet a parent, or a parent to a child who hasn't reached potty training age, i believe there are about 1% of children who can be fully potty trained (meaning no accidents day or night) in three days. but, with total focus on this child over a three-day period, i think you can get about 70% of the way there by the end of the weekend. (what do i know? i'm only twelve hours into this.)

so, to say that i feel like we are so far behind the 8-ball with potty training little mr. re-nest #2 would be the largest understatement of the year. like, we can't even see the ball at this point. he'll be 3-1/2 in november, and we're just now starting this. (gasp.) but i have a whole basket of excuses (there wasn't a good weekend during the summer when we could do it, there's just not enough vacay days to do it, and my fave: he'll figure it out on his own) - but now, it was time. he desperately wants to go to preschool (who can deny that kind of ambition?), and frankly, he was telling us when he was going in his diaper. so, mr. re-nest + i dove in head first and started on a gorgeous friday morning.

in all honestly, we're currently batting at about 75% for the day between accidents + successes. not too shabby. and, about five hours in, i was feeling energetic. now, fifteen hours in, i can see my immediate future is going to be filled with carpet cleaners, lots of laundry, and making + re-making beds. don't get me wrong: it's all a part of the wonderful process. (in all honesty, we're totally ready for this stage for our little guy.)

phase 2: saturday

little man woke us up at 2am, i ran into his room, and he told me he had to go potty! it was like the heavens opened up and the angels were singing. no joke. i was completely floored. he went. and, then gloriously, he went back to bed. then, he woke up dry. (y'all think i'm making this up, don't you?)

saturday, we ended up at about a 90% for success vs. accidents. not a bad day at all. and, i mean, can you beat it when they wake up dry???

phase 3: sunday

our big kid.
once again, we are thinking this little guy is a potty training angel. and, by this third day, he totally
had it down. (well, mostly. no accidents, but every three minutes he "thinks he has to go.")

overall, the weekend was a success. except for the fact that i can honestly say i had varying degrees of cramps in my back, hips + legs from contorting myself like a pretzel on the floor of our very small powder room for most of the weekend. that's just showed me that i need more yoga in my life. or a bigger first floor bathroom. 

oh, yeah and i should also mention that with the potty training thing, we also thought it might be a good idea to move on over to the toddler bed....so, we added that on too. again, he's handled all of this like a boss. 

phase 4: back to day care

he's killing it. and, by this i mean, our day care provider + i are having to remind ourselves that he's in the midst of potty training because this is seems too shockingly easy. the other (not-so) glorious addition to all of this is that he now insists on attending potty sessions with the whole family so he can then cheer for us. i mean, who can't use a little extra encouragement throughout the day. even if it comes in the potty. 

in closing, i'll leave this lil' bit o' preciousness for you....mr. re-nest happened to catch this adorable 
moment of our little (big) boy saying "bye, bye" to diapers for good. seeing this, i almost felt badly for making him give them up. but by now, i haven't changed a diaper in a whole weekend, so i don't feel that badly. 
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